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November 2000 - Nr. 11
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister2000



Dear Reader

As the nation said goodbye to Pierre Trudeau we at the same time said goodbye to our youth, the best years of our lives, especially when we watched Justin Trudeau deliver his very unique eulogy. We easily could recall the optimism with which we met life head on those 30 years ago. Now it seems we are the wise spectators, observers, and hopefully sometime advisers.

As expected, the liberals called an election, riding high on the unified spirit of the nation after the emotional outpouring over the loss of Trudeau, hoping that no one would notice that the liberal party then was quite different than the same party now. Especially the quality of involved individuals has changed, and that in all the parties, save one or two who have learned to roll with the current.

In the early campaigning speeches we can still observe some humoresque restraint in the accusatory tone of all the adversaries. But this will soon change, as we get closer to the actual voting date. The media will have a field day with the newest player in the arena, Stockwell Day, who is making mistakes that give away the novice.

I am watching fascinated as these games develop, and games they are, because someone will win, and some will loose.

Let us not forget that in politics as in love and war the rules are only there to be changed as the need arises, at least that is how humans play this game. True need for the really best solution never occurs to any of the players, and especially not the voters. It is always easier to just listen to the best promises instead of inspecting the actual statistics of anyone candidate and the party that backs him or her up. Of course, there are those things that are not broadly known, but are hinted at. Especially the ruling Liberals are lately plagued with innuendo of wrongdoing and scandalous behaviour. In fact we are waiting for a big bomb to go up and stink up the political heavens. If it does not happen, then we will have to help the situation a bit later on. It is simply personal distaste that we are not getting involved at this time. We have researched this story for many months now and are following the legal implications, as are other interested parties here and abroad.

Mr. & Mrs. WettlauferIn the meantime we actually also have good news! The German Canadian community has a brand new hero. We hope you will enjoy the report about the first ever German Pioneers Day.

This season has much to offer. The golden fall starts with balls and concerts and even Christmas fairs to prepare the mood for Advent and Christmas. We shall attend as many venues as possible, so we can meet with you and report for those of you who could not make it.

Stay well and prosper, regardless of whose garbage you have to inspect.

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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