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October 2002 - Nr. 10
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister2000

Dear Reader

October is upon us and with it the Oktoberfest season. Some of the local activities are already over and are being reported about in this issue. Others, such as the famous Kitchener Oktoberfest, are about to happen.

Gabi (Hospitality Connections) and myself got an early start in August at the Alpine Fest of the CNE, when Onkel Hans and a whole crew of Oktoberfestlers came to tap the first keg of the season. We had a lot of fun in anticipation of this year’s Oktoberfests, as you can see on the front page.

I was even invited to help celebrate Oktoberfest in one of the fabulous Super Club Breezes Resorts in Cuba, but had to decline. Unfortunately it is too busy here for me to gallivant all over the landscape. Between Lachfests, Oktoberfests, the opera and concert season, not to forget all the "Pflaumenkuchen" that have to be baked and eaten, and the garden, which needs some major attention this month to look good for the fall season, a girl can get awfully busy.

We visited the opera for you, had a brief meeting with Michael Schade, attended a book launch on the 80th anniversary of the Toronto Symphony, went to Queens Park to be there for the first meeting between the new Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Dr. Klaus Rupprecht, organized and held a cruise, started a new business, planned art exhibitions for the Artists Liaison - still in progress- and participated in many more interesting activities you will not even hear about. That is right, occasionally I have a life away from the paper.

This last summer was so busy that we hardly managed to go to the beach, but the visits we did have were simply unforgettable. It was a few years ago that we had a very warm fall and still went lake swimming in October. This year promises almost a repeat.

Unfortunately it all turns a bit sour when I read the world news. Immediately after September 11, with its commemorative and stirring happenings talks of war and confrontation took the lead and caused people and nations to debate the controversial issue. One would like to think that the situation could be handled without such major altercations. We all can live well without more wounds to body and soul.

I had not written much poetry in almost a year, but September 11, and a very sad friend of mine caused me to address the subject, put it into perspective. With that poem, and perhaps one addressing the changing of the season, I make my contribution to the times we live in.

Perhaps we see each other at upcoming events. Until then, live well and flourish…

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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