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September 2003 - Nr. 9
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister2000

Dear Reader

What a summer it has been for most of us! Regardless of which side of the ocean we live on, we all had our share of unwelcome events and occurrences. The monumental blackout was hopefully the end of this chain of events.

We feel for our fellows in Europe who suffered so incessantly from unusual heat. We share the concerns for the problems and hardships connected to health hazards this country, this province and other locations had to endure. There is a lesson to be learned here. Taking care of ourselves is important. Keeping our immune systems in optimum condition is important. Summer pleasuresSchool medicine does not have all the answers and easily breaks down as a system. That is why I prefer to go to a doctor that has all the school medicine knowledge necessary, but can also refer me to less dangerous and less invasive routines for my health. No matter what the drug companies are saying, I know for myself that fewer drugs are the answer, not more.

But let us not start the fall on a low tone, but with a bit of enthusiasm for the things we can do and enjoy in the near future.

The International Film Fest is once again upon Toronto and after a hiatus we are participating again. I have already been busy reviewing films for you and shall continue to do so.

After the film festivities we can already look forward to Oktoberfests here and abroad.

At the same time all art institutions are ready with their new seasons.

I shall give you elsewhere a few pointers on how to find some of the most wonderful performance line-up one could imagine. Toronto is truly a world-class city, not only in that respect.

As far as our young people program is concerned I have to tell you that it is a bit slow in coming. I guess they have a harder time letting go of summer than the rest of us. Most of it is meant for the Internet anyway; which brings me to the other point I wanted to make: Do go, if you can, and look at our website You will find additional articles and information there, other than the material in the print version. We also have some interesting links on our site and hope that you will find them enriching and interesting. If you found a great website that you want others to know about, pass it on to us.

In the meantime let’s ease ourselves into the most colourful autumn on the planet. I hope to see you or hear from you often!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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