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July/August 2012 - Nr. 7/8

A man once got lost in the desert. Many days and nights he wandered about. He was constantly thinking about how long a human being can survive without food and water. The heat of the sun was merciless and the man started to hallucinate. Whenever he fell asleep he dreamt of cool water and fresh fruits. But every time he woke up the pain and the agony were even worse and he kept on stumbling through the hot desert. Suddenly he saw something like an oasis in quite a distance. “Gee! Just another mirage!” he thought. „It is just a reflection of my dreams and my innermost desires!“ The man was absolutely sure that this beautiful oasis was unreal and that his brain started to fantasize. However, he kept on walking into this direction and he realized that this mirage is not disappearing. On the contrary the picture became clearer and more vivid and it was even possible to recognize the date palms, the green grass and some rocks from where some fresh water came out. “This is nothing but a fancy of my delirious mind!” the man said to himself. “Such phantasies are completely normal in my devastated condition. Of course – now I can even hear some water running. It is a hallucination of my ears – Mother Nature is so cruel!” Then the man broke down. He died with a curse about the absurdness and senselessness of life on his lips. A couple of hours later two Bedouins found the corpse and they were astonished that the man was not able to reach the fount of the oasis. The refreshing and life giving water was just a few meters away.

How often are we blind for the presence of God in our lives! God is not far away from each of us. He is the oasis with the fresh water. The man in the desert died miserably because he could not believe that the oasis was real. God invites us to look straight to Jesus who is the giver of the water of life.

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Deutsche Evangeliumskirche, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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