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July/August 2012 - Nr. 7/8
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

“We’re having a heat wave…” Can anyone remember that song? I do and we certainly do have one. It would be ideal weather for a vacation, no rain, sunshine, a breeze by the lake, if you are there; but in the city, with humidity and electricity outages, sitting in an office with a cardigan on because the air-conditioning is too cold, and then going outside stripped down to everything but the essentials, people arrive home somewhat groggy and not always in the best of moods. It takes them a while to regain their composure. But once they do there is a lot to do in our cities. There are festivals all around and last month the clubs had a few events too of which we attended three in our area.

Grand opening at Porsche DesignWe also went to the opening of a Porsche Design shop on Bloor at Bay in Toronto. It is in the location next to the TD Bank and used to be the Trend Shoppe, a ladies wear store I once, long ago, managed. It is setting new trends now with the newest and best Porsche Design has to offer. It has to be mentioned that the store is only affiliated by name to the car brand because the car designer independently designed his own brand. So if you have 60 thousand dollars or more to spend on a watch this is the place for you. The famous original aviator sun glasses are there together with other fancy paraphernalia, including some leather garments and such. The opening party spilled over into the street where all sorts of media types and beautiful “in” people had assembled, including newly crowned Miss Canada International, an itsy, bitsy young woman in very high heels.

But it was not just a month to celebrate. We also had to say good bye to one of our own. Paul Tuerr of Kitchener left us after a very long and rich life, rich in many respects. He was very successful in what he did and he garnered many rewards Danuta Grigaitis & Paul Tuerrbecause of it. But he also had lots of friends of all walks of life, something not everyone can say. The many people whose life he touched all have a story to tell about Paul and so do I.

I remember sitting in his house, the one he shared with his beloved wife Anna for many years, listening to some of his stories. We had spoken about all sorts of things and he also had asked me about my health. He suddenly got up and came back with a Silver Dollar dated 1886. And because I had said that I likely won’t get really old because of a health condition, he made me promise that I would live at least till I am the age of the last to digits of the dollar. I did not know what to say. It was not quite real to me, but he kept on insisting. I was hard pressed and finally agreed. I will try hard to keep my promise!

Ernst Friedel, past President of the German Canadian Congress Ontario, wrote us an epitaph for which we are most grateful.

On July 19th the Remembrance Society, of which his daughter Helene B. Schramek is the president, will have its annual ceremony at the Anna Tuerr Memorial in Mannheim at 4 pm in the afternoon. Surely we will not only remember Anna but her husband Paul too. Our front page shows the memorial and Paul with his daughter Helene a couple of years ago.

There is of course the picnic and fundraiser afterwards at the Tuerr Farm. We shall attend as many picnics as we can, the Crown Picnic August 11, the Hansa Picnic, the Danube Swabian Picnic, the Concordia Picnic and so on. There is also a Tag der Heimat from the Ostdeutscher Kulturverband the Hansa Club on August 5. There are also plenty of musical interludes to be had in and around Toronto and a Hamilton. The Brott Music Festival has a long summer program and you can inform yourself of it at Of all the Jazz fests in Toronto we like the Beaches one best . It starts July 20 and is ongoing to the 29th all along the familiar venues at the beaches: Woodbine Park, Leuty Lifeguard Station, the Boardwalk and Woodbine Beach and Kew Gardens.

Hopefully you are all having a wonderful summer and we see you around

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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