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November 2012 - Nr. 11
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

Suddenly it felt like fall, late fall; cold wet and windy. Not what we had wanted! We did not want this glorious golden fall that had so many trees on fire to end. Yet together with the nasty debate south of the border over politics and Sandy’s ravenous destruction, both of them barraging us, we kept our heads down hoping for everything to get better. Neither I nor anyone else can promise anything. There is no prediction possible, not on the US election or on the weather. Both could deliver frost and gloom.

We go to press before the election results are in and most of us hope that they stay the course down there and do not go for a new approach that will give heart- and soulless capitalism too much power or religious zealotry the upper hand. There have not been so many bible interpretations in conjunction with politics in a very long time.

It seems to me that the terms of morals and ethics are very confused subjects and deserve to be redefined in a way that guarantees a pro-survival approach across the board for all the components of life and living. We forget that there are not just black and white, there are a myriad of grey shades, speak realities.

It is clear that absolutes cannot be attained, thus what is best would be what serves most situations and living things most favorably for the longer duration, and that point of view and result cannot come from one religious book or another. In fact, religion is perhaps the wrong subject to consult, since it is stooped in believes, not knowledge, and riddled with superstitions and emotions.

Here in our own ranks we have enough problems to solve without adding those of south of the border. Our provincial government has thrown us a curveball with the resignation of the current Premier, which resulted in a paralyzing of parliament; yet the problems remain and others were added. The preservations of reputations and honour of individuals seem to be more important than accountability, transparency, honesty and truth.

It is no wonder that we all become more disenchanted with politics every year. So let us not dwell on it much longer. This issue has a lot of cultural activities to offer, even though there was no Pioneers Day in Toronto celebrated, it appears the politicians did not get it together, elsewhere there were celebrations, even though not as well visited as in the past. And even there politics, the internal kind played a role. A lack of alignment and organisation became apparent which hopefully will be corrected soon. More individuals need to step up from the broad ranks to take over some of the functions that have been held for so long by the “older” generation.

An aging population has not provided enough incentive for a younger one to step in, thus it will be difficult to fill those shoes that need filling for our local culture to survive. It would be unsatisfying if German culture would only be represented by official German interests from overseas in Canada. Those sources have a totally different agenda; and lack understanding for our local needs. They like to make use of our resources but are not committed to helping us. For that reason we better not look towards them for anything, but search among our own people to contribute to our own local institutions.

I think it is possible if we do not divide ourselves into too many separate entities but recognise that togetherness is the answer to our current situation.

Via Salzburg "The Promise of Youth"The most festive of all seasons is awaiting us with an opportunity to show our desire to really be a cohesive community. Let us take advantage of the many gatherings to find all the things we have in common. Christmas fairs and concerts are part of that. We enjoyed tremendously the concert Via Salzburg gave, called the Promise of Youth. As usual there was a lesser known work and a well-known one by Mendelsohn. For their next offering go to More data on our internet site at and go to Echo Germanica from there. I am looking forward to the Christmas concert.

See you there!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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