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March 2013 - Nr. 3
Happy Easter - Frohe Ostern
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

It has been a long winter and the recent teaser is no guarantee that it is over, even though spring is supposed to arrive in 2 weeks. The farmer’s calendars say that if the month of March comes in like a lion it will go out like a lamb. I really wish it will be so. Easter is arriving early this year and I would love a warm and sunny festivity. No doubt it will be too early to hide eggs outside. There are still glaciers to melt in the back yard and even on the south side of the house. But some birds have arrived and are busily building fresh nests or are repairing old ones. The chirping is sometimes deafening.

Here at Echo Germanica we are slowly waking up from our winter sleepiness as the sun rises higher each day. A ball, exhibits, and various club activities gave us a good sampling across the board for things to come and delight us during the warmer season.

Television has a few interesting programs to offer. For bible fans there is a new series in 4 parts on the history channel. It depicts the stories in quite a different ways from what we are used to and is most interesting to observe. I had almost forgotten how violent the Old Testament is. The details had gone missing in my lifetime. I could not remember how Jericho’s walls fell and why, who was the first King of Israel and who conquered Jerusalem. It makes for interesting watching. Followed on Sunday nights is the story of the Vikings, another History Channel offering and equally watchable, especially since Downton Abbey’s 3rd season was rather short lived and Sunday evenings are now wide open for some in house entertainment, especially when we all were out the Saturday night before. That British multi award winning series is interesting for one thing especially: If one is not of British decent then it is of interest to see how the big World Wars were lived through by Britain and how it changed that society so drastically. We come away with the notion that life is a good teacher for sure. We have to stretch ourselves to the needs of the period we live in and it never is easy.

In our current times there are many new challenges that have to be dealt with. We have been spoiled with abundances that will not last for ever and the sooner we realise that and stop wastefulness the better for all of us in the long run, if we desire a long run. I am saying this because I read again that Canada is the most wasteful country on the planet. We use way more water than anyone else and we produce per capita the most garbage. No wonder that we have strong critics in the environmental arena. It is important to remember that we have a responsibility towards the rest of the world for our environment.

Justin TrudeauIn a couple of days, but for sure when you will read this, we will know who will lead the Federal Liberal Party. Most people we spoke to of all walks of life are looking to Justin Trudeau as a breath of fresh air. They do not think he is too young, just that he looks very young. They do not think that he is too inexperienced, they think he was raised right and has been in office long enough to know and understand the game. They felt hat he has the values that we all aspire to.

We shall see how it all plays out. And if he does not make it this time, maybe next time, for sure! We doubt that he is going away. And neither are we. We will see you around at Easter and after that…

Happy Easter everyone! And lots of eggs!

Frohe Ostern!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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