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April 2013 - Nr. 4
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

The search for spring is on. The weather reports are looking for good news to pass on to the viewers, and we look to our gardens for signs of spring.

I can report that the glacier behind the house has finally melted. The trees have huge buds with colour showing, ready to burst open. Robins are showing up in pairs on the lawns of the neighbourhood. Spring bulbs have pushed their green leaves up to 10 and 15 cm high. A neighbour’s forsythia bush is also ready to burst its buds.

Spring at Allen Gardens [photo: Bob Sandbo]We sent someone to look for spring to Allen Gardens. Our roving photographer Bob Sandbo took some lovely pictures. The only problem is: the flowers are already summer flowers like Fingerhut, Eisenhut and Rittersporn. Spring flowers took a backseat.

When we are looking for spring we also find that organisations appear to renew themselves also at this time. The Hansa Haus had a general membership meeting and ended up with the same Daffodils [photo: Bob Sandbo]board they had before. That will make for nice continuity. Why change what has worked well.

In the Concordia Club we also learned of a new board of Directors and will report on it separately, because it was in conjunction with the annual Presidents Ball. Unfortunately we could therefore not attend the much touted Jaeger Ball at the Hansa Haus. Maybe next year.

The Hansa Haus also had a fabulous Easter egg hunt for the little ones, which is always a delight.

The Danube Swabians had a nice St. Patrick’s Day dance. We could not be there but the community certainly knows how to celebrate whatever comes our way. We have a few photos of it. Thank you Mr. Runge!

But we did attend the Greek Gala the club put on, which was most enjoyable.

A new board was also elected at the German Canadian Congress and we should soon be hearing from that organisation what it has planned to do after a longer brake from doing business.

And we must not forget the spring renewal in the Liberal Party. The last event took place in Toronto’s Convention Centre and it was pretty clear that Justin Trudeau was still the front runner. He made some very good points, as did the other candidates, as they each had 20 minutes to make one last attempt at persuading people to vote for them to be the new Party leader. Sometimes the rhetoric was extremely similar, as one would expect of members of the same party. However the way the speeches were delivered and that is a definitely where Justin Trudeau always gets the most points. But this time he also was hard hitting. It has been said that he is only running because of his father. Well, he had a brilliant explanation. He did not disagree: “It IS because of MY father, and YOUR father, and YOUR father, all of our fathers who build this country…” Touché!

Voting on line is commencing immediately and on April 14 we shall know who will have the honour to bring the National Liberal Party back to its former glory. That is the plan. Renewal!

Spring activities are on everywhere, in every arena, and we will try and bring you the best of it. In the meantime keep looking for your spring in your back and front yard and prepare for a lovely summer.

Until next time

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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