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May 2013 - Nr. 5
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

The month of May suddenly burst into glorious spring. Within a week Daffodils exploded, tulips showed their full colour, and when we look up the trees are sprinkling the blue heavens with delicate sprigs, looking stipple brushed in a multitude of green hues.

During a cold and wet April we wondered when the weather would turn pleasant and we threw ourselves in to indoor activities, going to club events and concerts, but feeling a bit low with the lingering winter blues, the lack of sunshiny warmth. The promise that Easter brought us in late March did not really sustain us. Lackluster thoughts crowed our minds, projects got put off until a better mood would prevail and suddenly it was May, the weather was glorious and the writers were inspired to go out and do research but not to sit down inside to write.

Japanese Cherry Tree blossoms in High Park, TorontoMay, the month full of eclectic offerings and suggestions like romance and marriages, (I got married in May) of Asparagus and Mother’s Day, May Day parades and May flowers took hold of us and we even become nostalgic. Nothing wrong with that unless it keeps us from doing the things expected of us by the general public and our readers especially.

But, dear friends, you have to excuse us, the writer collective: we went and did things in April, did not feel like working hard and then May hit us in the nucleus with unexpected glorious temperatures that turned usually prolific producers like myself and others into bumbling butterflies fluttering around in gently wafting breezes, cleaning patios and porches, planting flowers and cutting the grass for the first time.

What I am trying to say here is that several of our regular contributors were hard pressed to produce anything, even though they went to events galore, and my job as an editor was hampered by my own desire not to sit at the computer, as I am now in the middle of the night, and write and write and write. How could I call on my fellow poets, scripters and scribes to do what I worked hard on to avoid myself?

Alas, I now have no choice, or else you will have a paper with only photos, a job the best of all husbands does, due to the fact that I am technically a total zero and know about photos only how to point a camera and press a button. Luckily I can see what might make a good picture, but that is the extent of my involvement in the process.

What you have here is a confession of sorts: I did not do my job bullying writers into writing, and now I have to work extra hard to bring you some worthy news in case you were there or not, but would like to know, or for someone else to know, what it was like to be at some of these events that were attended but no one felt like writing about in time, as to avoid a mad rush of necessity to fill a paper with...ah well, you get the idea?!

Please forgive us for being tardy. I am sure you understand and you too would rather go and see the Cherry blossoms in High Park than sitting at a computer…right?

I do want to wish all mothers an especially wonderful day with their families. I will be reading poetry at the Mother’s Day Banquette at the Danube Swabian Club in Scarborough and hope to see a lot of you there.

Until next time,

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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