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June 2013 - Nr. 6
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

What a time we had last month. Motherís Day was great. We attended a banquette at the Danube Swabian Club in Scarborough and checked out a Schnitzel dinner at the Hansa Club.

We saw a marvelous Russian ballet called Rodin, about the life of this famous French sculptor.

We researched Fatherís Day, which is now about 100 years old and we find that it deserves more attention than it is getting. We are telling you some of the history and offer a couple of poems that have different perspectives of this special day. And please, donít say that it is just another day to make money for the retail trade. Remember without fathers, there would hardly be mothers.

The outdoor officeOf course we did a lot of work in the garden planting and pruning so we could enjoy breakfasts, lunches and dinner outside when it was not raining or too cold.

We saw a soccer game from London featuring two German teams battling for the top spot of the European title. It was hard to know whom to support, so we yelled for both teams!

We watched the local antics surrounding Ford Nation, and found it, as a friend said, very entertaining.

Sadly we said good-bye to friends, like Gunther Gawantka and Willie Pelzer; and we sent Peter Pijet off into well-deserved retirement with a party.

And we collected other stories from other contributors to our publication, for which we are very grateful: There is Marianne Schmidt from Berlin who reports this time from Milano!

Rolf Piro is giving us a local history lesson about the war of 1812.

Irena Syrokomla reports on Ontarioís theater scene.

Bernard supplies food for soul and tummy and there are of course the words of wisdom from our pastor Matthias Hartwig.

We hope you enjoy this sampling of engaging Canadian cross-cultural culture. I must warn you, we might or might not have an issue next month. If the weather is nice enough I want to take a real extended vacation this year, something we have not done in decades!

In that case I wish all our fathers a very special day, and all of the rest of us a wonderful summer!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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