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August 2013 - Nr. 8
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

We are back after a short and comfortable summer, except for those 4 or 5 days of extreme heat. This is the first time since we are publishing Echo Germanica that we skipped a month to have some time for ourselves. Truth be told: We enjoyed it tremendously and might just do it again.

And what did we do you might ask? We actually did not go anywhere. We had a staycation, I believe that is what it is called these days. Our garden gave as so much pleasure that we did not feel like long drives to our favorite beach. The grass has never been greener and the neighbourhood was never Our Garden-Buddhaquieter. Even our Garden-Buddha looked more serene than usual. In years gone by there was too much renovating going on in the area and the city was also digging for weeks on end, that we felt like living in a war zone. This year we could hear the birds sing and the bumble bees buzz and smell the climbing roses that stayed with us for a whole month instead of 7-10 days. A cozy sitting area and a new sun umbrella provided us with lots of comfort for breakfast, lunch and dinner, expect for when it rained and we had to retreat into the house. Our four cats also loved watching the birds and squirrels with us.

The garden also presented us with some surprises. From birdseeds or last year’s pumpkins some plants developed that are unruly but quite wonderful to see grow. Bright yellow flowers show up every day and disappear overnight. We have no idea who bites their head off in the dark.

We went to a few events, not too many and there are still a couple of picnics to come our way to extend the summer. A few movies and special lunches provided us with interesting experiences with our stay home vacation. We hope that fall does not arrive too soon; we are enjoying the outdoors and the comfort so close to home just too much to give it up early. When someone mentioned that it was only 5 month to Christmas I wanted to scream! Next thing is that people speak of the white stuff! Please, not in my vicinity!

We are looking forward to a few club activities and hope to see some of you during a few of the remaining picnics. Let us enjoy the rest of summer and hope for a golden autumn.

Until next time

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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