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September 2013 - Nr. 9
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

All that talk about the last long weekend of the summer could make a person depressed. That is why we put a beach photo on the front page of our visit to Long Point in mid-August, when it suddenly was summer again at its best, if you were at the beach. While the city was sweltering we lounged on a dune and even got too cold from the wind on the first day even though it was supposed to be 29 degrees Celsius. We had to pack it in early. But on the second day it was the best of all summer days. The breeze was steady but warm, the water was pleasant, the beach was not full with people, but lots of gulls, and the horizon was wide over a blue sky. That is why I go there, the wide open space and a line where water and heaven meet without an end in sight.

The memory of these days will linger in our minds even if it gets colder and rainy as we progress into fall. It is hard to believe that the CNE is over, that the Snowbirds have once again crossed the sky so close to each other to the admiration of thousands; that the Caribbean and many other street festivals have entertained the multitude and that kids are all back to school. We notice the traffic is much denser now and living in a metropolis becomes again more of a chore. But there is still a lot more to come our way to celebrate. The Ukrainians are having their street fest along Bloor Street in the middle of September on the 13th-15th, as does the Polish community on Roncesvalles on the same weekend.

Oktoberfest takes place in our clubs in September, in Kitchener early October. The Toronto International Film Festival is upon us and also offers again several German/Austrian movies worth viewing. Especially recommended come two hits from the Berlinale: “The strange little cat” and “The police officer’s wife” under the “Wavelength” programming. TIFF has its own website where you can search for all the offerings. The Goethe Institute is also offering insights into the festival and its German programming.

The Remembrance Society had its annual event in August, which we missed. But there are other ways to remember how harsh life can be for immigrants before and after they arrived on this continent. We are bringing you a story in several parts written by Mr. Eibisberger, who remembers the life, trials and tribulations of a friend. Surely many of our readers have similar experiences and we would be interested to have those stories to tell to all of our readers.

We hope to see you at the many events our community holds and participates in.

Until next time!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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