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October 2013 - Nr. 10
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

There is a lot of news that we are being swamped with and most of it is not pleasant. I do not feel like rehashing it, it is too depressing. I would rather point out some of the more upbeat stuff. In our community we had a few Oktoberfest’s already and the one in Kitchener, the second largest, (or is it biggest?), is still ongoing while I write this. They have a new Vice President and a new Maypole and we have a report on it. Gerhard Griebenow, crazy busy as he always is, made time for us to write it up.

O.K. Berlin with Marianne Schmidt also has something to report that you might not find in your regular news coverage. Our report from Kitchener on performances comes this time from a real Jazz aficionado, and we thank him, Allan Johnston, who usually writes such pieces for the Waterloo Chronicle.

And then there are of course our regulars, such as Pastor Matthias Mayer, Irena Syrokomla, Eberhard Kurt Walter and Bernard, the poet Chef, who we cannot thank enough for their dedication. Thus we feel we have a really interesting representation of our local community that contributes to all of our wellbeing in so many different ways.

I also want to stress that anything you cannot find in the paper, especially photos, but also some reports, you will find on one of our websites sooner or later: or, the latter being topped up regularly with upcoming events of general or specific interests. We are working on making it more exciting too. We are just asking for just a bit more patience, please.

Lou Wegner celebrating with wife Lilo his 75th birthdaySadly we also had to say good bye to a very good friend of our community. Lou Wegner passed away quite unexpectedly. He was such a good friend to so many people in our community and well beyond. Sybille with Lou Wegner (l.) and Henry Bunge (r.)There was a celebration of life at the Hansa Club, where he also served many years on the board of Directors. We have his Eulogy and will post it online.

There will also be another part of the Story Mr. Eibisberger wrote about his friend and we truly welcome such stories. We have done it before and if you have such a story, we would gladly consider printing it. Get in touch with us to discuss it.

The future has a few really wonderful events in store for us that I hope we can celebrate together. Do not forget to come to the Hansa Heimat Nachmittag, with Dieter Wütherich and his Hansa Choir. I will be reading poetry again and another German ballad.

See you around, perhaps among the colours out there in our glorious Autumn landscapes.

Until next time

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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