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March 2014 - Nr. 3
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

I do not have to tell you that even people who like winter had quite enough of it. Thank goodness there were lots of interesting things to do that did not involve outside activities.

We went for you to a valentine’s dance, a princess ball, an Austrian ball and an opera. We were well fed and well entertained. Someone went to the ice sculpting event in Yorkville for us, and also to the theatre for a German play.

We could have something on every day of the week for the entire month, and if we were younger we definitely would have done so. Instead we also went to see a few movies and if that was not enough, I cooked up a storm for a neighbor who broke a leg during the ice storm. I also allowed myself some time lounging in front of the TV and watched a lot of Olympic sports.

Speaking of TV, we had news from Rogers and Deutsche Welle in regards to the new program and are publishing them in this issue. From where I am standing it looks pretty good for a new German program in the near future.

Sybille reads poetry for Valentine's Day at the Danube Swabian ClubOn our front page you see the crowning of a princess at the Danube Swabian Club. We have covered this tradition for many years and have seen kids in the dance group growing up to be splendid young men and women now with kids of their own. Just now the membership is a bit down because some of the kids are the next generation and still too small, some are simply too busy studying or doing other things that do not allow them to be around a lot. These things happen in cycles and the picture will change again soon. The youth group is certainly having fun, as we could witness at the spring dance and they have a rich program for the whole year.

Please consult the announcements of the clubs to know when something is going on every month. That of course goes for all the clubs in our community Arriving at a deserted Hansa Haus after ramming the van through an unforeseen wall of snow left by a snow ploywherever they might be.

As the sun is coming up and hopefully temperatures rise as well we will see more and more of each other at all sorts of events. We shall see you there!

Until next time

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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