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April 2014 - Nr. 4
Happy Easter - Frohe Ostern
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

There is no one who hates winter more than I do, always have, always will. Behind my house, on the north side, there is a glacier at the door step that refuses to melt. Where snow and ice have receded it looks like a war zone with branches, guck and litter from ice storms and strong winds that have left their mark. The south side looks a bit better. I can even see the first tips of snowdrops (I presume) timidly poking through the ground. A few birds have arrived to take up residence in their nest from last year and the feeding station has to be replenished frequently. Some squirrels look suddenly skinny and are scurrying around more often for food. I guess they had young ones already. When winter is over is still written in the stars. I do not dare hope yet. preparing for EasterClearly the Easter Bunny is not finding enough grass and flowers to hide its eggs outside when Easter comes around, even though it is so late this year. I am brightening my house with cut tulips and yellow table cloth and colorful dishes, pretending that at least on the inside spring has arrived.

But there is good news also. Deutsche Welle announced on March 27 to us the return of a German Program with Rogers on channel 172, as a free trial to May 27. It can be ordered at the call centers for $2.79 plus tax monthly. It did not even take as long as Rogers was thinking. They had predicted maybe sometime in April! No doubt a bit of pressure put on by several terminals locally and abroad helped the process along. The old location channel 195 tells you also what to do if you had subscribed for it there from Rogers.

This issue of Echo Germanica brings you a bit of amazing news about the Kitchener Concordia Club, where something took place that could serve as a model for other clubs. I hope you enjoy our account of what happened. On our internet site ( will be - a while later - more photos and text than we can accommodate in the paper. Also, our other site ( has almost daily updates as to events in the greater community, especially from the entertainment sector and other news that comes to us and which we find important to pass on quickly. I hope you avail yourself of this additional news service from Echoworld Communications.

Officially we are starting our 25th year of publication in April of this year. I never thought that we would be around this long. I truly thought that 10 years would be long enough and that the German community would probably no longer exist as we knew it. And YES, there have been many changes, but we are a stubborn group and refuse to give up. Many German institutions are gone, others have grown because they did change.

And there is the key word: Change! As long as we are capable of experiencing change we will survive, as individuals and as a group. The so called good old days were good in the good old days; we have to create new good old days in the here and now to guarantee a future so we can experience many more Happy Easters together.

See you at an Easter Egg Hunt?

Happy Easter!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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