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September 2014 - Nr. 9
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

My last editorial in August got a lot of attention, mainly because I mentioned a Bellville broadcaster who made comments about the German National Soccer Team after the Brazil Germany Game that were highly inappropriate in this day and age of political correctness. And while no one of our local German Canadian representatives spoke for us, as they used to claim and do when in capable hands some years back (to be specific: 3 Presidents back of the DKK/GCC Ontario) it is surprising that a non-German came to “our” defense and wrote to the radio personality, showing him the error of his ways from various points of view. It was a brilliant repartee and I wish I had written it myself.

Unfortunately I cannot publish it since the mail from this person to the broadcaster came to me as a private mail, but I can send it on per email (and I have - to many) to anyone wanting to know.

The response also told me that there are still many other maligning comments in the media about Germans and Germany that no one appears to see as anything wrong with. There are plenty of shows around these day that allow all sorts of comments, especially since so called social media can also be misused as anti-social media and all these shows, like various morning shows for instance always jump on anything not politically correct. Inflammatory remarks are usually torn apart and evaluated and the public is asked to weigh in.

Since I wake really early in the morning I often watch these shows and I have not seen anything that would make me believe that there is someone out there ready and willing to defend our reputation, when political incorrectness is flung around.

Yet, with the anniversary of the first of the big Wars a broader picture has emerged in regards to mankind’s big political and humanitarian mistakes. For instance, Justin Trudeau was the first that I was aware of, to mention the Stalin regime and its atrocities in the same breath as the Third Reich. Bravo! That was brave indeed! It can be said that we are moving more towards a middle ground when a population is not entirely identified with its leaders.

Anton (Tony) Bergmeier, President of the DKK NationalThe national President of the DKK (Deutsch-Kanadischer Kongress ) Toni Bermeier is one of  the last great German Samurai in our ranks and was present at a ceremony of unveiling a commemorative plaque referring to the internment of many people in Canada at the time of the Ernst Friedel, past President of the DKK NationalWWI.

Read all about it in the report by Ernst Friedel, another great apologist of the German community in Canada.

Maria & Joe StritzlBut enough of politics, lets us enjoy the last bit of summer with pleasure and in the hope that it lasts long and that the fall will be glorious and winter will be far away and mild.

See you at Oktoberfests and various street fests here and there…

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

P.S. The front page is a photo of Maria and Joe Stritzl

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