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October 2014 - Nr. 10
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

Fall is here, there is no doubt about it. It was glorious so far, even if a bit too cool as of now. All that does not matter much, because we are so busy with the season’s activities. As I write this Oktoberfest in Kitchener has started, The Danube Swabians in Toronto had a new beginning with their Oktoberfest, the Germania Club in Hamilton had an Oktoberfest, as did the Hansa Club, and the Germania Club also celebrated its 150th anniversary, WOW!

In the City of Toronto one festival chased the next and the latest was of course Nuit Blanch. Germany is having a 24th anniversary of unification, actually on October 3rd, but only commemorated here on the 8th, after we go to press. However, for the first time ever an official of the local government has sent a commemorative message. See Premier Wynne’s address. Upcoming are more German related events like Pioneers Day, taking place in 3 locations, Markham City Hall, Toronto at Queens Park, usually around noon, and in the late afternoon in Kitchener at City Hall. Unfortunately we do not have more data than that.

There will be concerts and Opera, see ads, and all sorts of other community events relating to fall, like Thanksgiving, to look forward to before we have to think about Christmas.

Now, now, don’t yell at me, I already bought my cards over a month ago at Costco together with my spring bulbs (among others 100 tulips, which were graciously planted by pastor Dr. Goegginger’s daughter Eva in my front yard). I can hardly wait to see them in their full glory next to the hundreds of Daffodils I have planted there. The neighborhood thanks me every year for the splendor.

Anton (Tony) Bergmeier, President of the DKK NationalNow for a bit of housekeeping. I have to apologize for mistakes made in this publication. In the last issue especially we goofed. There was an article about the commemorative plaques installed at Concordia Club Kitchener, which we are trying to rerun this time. The picture underneath mistakenly identified the person in it as Toni Baumann. It should of course have been Anton Bergmeier, President of the National German Canadian Congress.

In our defense I would like to remind everyone, that we are only two people working on producing the actual paper and if there are technical difficulties, which can happen in this computer age, especially last minute ones, we get a bit overwhelmed and mistakes can happen. Again, please except our apologies.

Another item: I am being asked by many people in the region why I am not contributing anymore to the Hansa Choir’s concerts with my readings. Please do not ask me. It is not up to me, ask the choir.

I guess that covers it for this time.

I hope to see you at this or that venue, as many as you can manage. Let us support our community events as best as we can and be grateful for what we still have going on. It is important!

Happy Thanksgiving

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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