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December 2014 - Nr. 12
Merry Christmas and the best of Seasons from Echo Germanica
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

Winter is here, there is no doubt. The festive season is obvious everywhere we go. Like on our front page there is a bit of mysterious atmosphere, a little bit of dusk that obscures reality; or elsewhere there are bright lights that make everything sparkle. Seasonal concerts abound and give much pleasure, especially when we can sing along. Stories and poems are shared and remind us of our childhood.

November had cold and rainy days, also when we went to Kitchener for “Totensonntag” which is called Remembrance Day here. But we do not have an event on the same day, we always do it later, as not to interfere with the local customs. November also brought us the annual “Martini Tanz” of the Burgenlaender at the Danube Swabian Club.

We went to the Opera, Opera York to be precise. We drove out to Union Ville to have a festive lunch with Glühwein at the Old Country Inn. I am always amazed how the quality of this restaurant has been so very constant for all these years. That is the reason why it is such an enduring success, that and the cozy old world ambience, no matter what the season.

Sybille at the Concordia booth with President Rob Kerr and Sara FretzWe visited the Christmas markets in the Hansa House and in Kitchener. There are of course other markets, like the one in Toronto’s Distillery District, which apparently has reached the status of belonging to the ten best locations worldwide for such a venue. We would go if the parking was better or the public transport more inviting, but since we like our comfort we have to forego such inconvenient outings. It appears to be a great spot for younger families. It is interesting to note that the German effort to bring a Christmas market to Toronto was marred with obstacles and did not survive. One wonders what changed, now that it is no longer in German hands. But Germans did or will congregate there for a casual Christmas gathering.

If not there surely we will run into each other at other events this season. Any event still taking place after this issue will be recounted in the January issue.

We wish everyone a peaceful Advent and a wonderful Christmas.

Rolf and Sybille Rentmeister and team Echo Germanica

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