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January 2015 - Nr. 1
Happy New Year from Echo Germanica
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

Another year has passed….That is how I always open my first column of the year. All the various media are full of reviews and predictions, best and the worst of top ten on whatever or whatever. We too have something to look back on and not all of it is great. We lost again many good friends and we celebrated the ones that are still with us. We commemorated wars and remembered needless deaths and heroes. We remembered the fall of the wall that separated Germany for so long and we will remember and celebrate the unity of our fatherland this year.

We lost two important institutions this year: The Deutsche Rundschau and the Deutsche Presse. One might ask why. The answer is not difficult. Our community is aging and shrinking. That also means less support for our media.

At Echo Germanica we have always seen this coming, thus we included English articles into our repertoire, which had many lovers and, well, let’s say the opposite, the ones that did not see the wisdom of including others like our children and grandchildren and our mixed marriages into our heritage activities.

Perhaps now after nearly 25 years of trying Echo Germanica is becoming more appreciated.

Since the short fall of service in our area we have concluded that it is time to bridge the gap even more. We have hired one of Deutsche Presses’ Columnists who will report on those activities she covered before in German. Ingrid Oppermann had several articles ready that were never printed. We will print them every time we can make some room for them, and something up-to date.

This of course means that each Echo Germanica will change a bit and it will not happen all over night.

The publishing field is full of difficulties, especially when electronic media is involved. Our websites have experienced quite a bit of difficulties in the past while. For several month now we have not been able to post anything, because our server has been hacked big time. We are waiting for this to be handled.

Personally we also had a few challenges and mine shall be overcome soon!

A happy New Year and all the best for 2015 from Rolf & Sybille RentmeisterSo all in all I am looking forward to a most interesting new year, full of surprises and changes, all for the better! And that is what I wish all of our friends, partners and readers too: a healthy new year with many pleasant surprises, while I thank them for their help and commitment to Echo Germanica in keeping this community on the map and together!

All the best

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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