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March 2015 - Nr. 3
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

To say that I am sick and tired of winter is an understatement. We do not have the opportunity to go south, never have i in winter, or in summer for that matter. Having 4 cats prevents us from going on long trips. Why? Have you ever tried to get a house sitter that you feel you can trust?

A couple of years ago we had opportunity to go away to New Brunswick for a week, travel included.

That trip reminded us why we had not been on vacation as long as we had cats.

It was a 2 day trip to get there in a reasonably comfortable fashion. We meant to drive back on the 7th day, only to find out that we had to leave already on the fifth day at 6 am, because our house sitter had to suddenly leave. Considering that the cats would be unattended, we decided to make the trip without staying somewhere over night. That was 13 hours of continuous driving with only very short stops for refreshments of various necessities. Needless to say that as long as the highways were deserted the best of all husbands drove like the devil as fast as he could. The major slowdown occurred of course in Montreal where we arrived in rush-hour. It took over 2 hours to get through the city.

We arrived home at midnight, which was actually one hour later due to time zone changes.

So you would think that I am jealous of people that can go away during the winter or any other time for a vacation?

The 2015 Princess & Prince of the Danube Swabian Club ScarboroughStrangely enough that is not the case. I wonder myself about that sometimes. I read somewhere that if you are happy with your work and your life you won’t have the need to run away and seek peace and quiet. The only reason why I would love to go away is curiosity to see and experience other places and cultures. But even that is made easy these days for someone who cannot go away. We have the internet where you can travel anywhere anytime. There is a wealth of information, pictures, videos, films and what not to be discovered. When I was a kid my parents spoke of travelling ”mit dem Finger auf der Landkarte”, “with the finger on the map”. That experience is a lot richer these days and will be even richer in the near future with virtual experiences in 3d.

Thinking of that I cannot help but observe that our generation is the one with the most changes in our times. I used to marvel at the fact that our grandparents and parents went from the lantern to landings on the moon. Our lifetime has brought even more fast changes in technologies, and now it is our time to complain that we cannot keep up any more.

So I do not travel. It makes life a lot easier. I do not have to stand in lines for security and endure other indignities. I get to stay at home, tend my garden and enjoy it, and look at the world from a safe place on the internet. However, some people do travel and you can read about some of their adventures in Ingrid Oppermann’s report about the trip to Cuba with Ulli Jeschke.

Get prepared for Easter early, it is closer than you think. We will be back, this time already in 3 weeks!

Until next time

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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