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April 2015 - Nr. 4
Happy Easter - Frohe Ostern
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

Before I start writing about all the pleasant things that happen in our community I must refer back to our last issue. As you know Siggi Leipold suddenly passed away. When we heard about it and got in touch with his family our publication was ready to go to the printer, but we tried to accommodate the news, by taking one ad out and putting in the obituary notice. Also I took out the picture I had in my letter from the editor, and after searching for a long time for a really good shot of Siggi and Inge we found one we could hang to replace the photo that was in there for the editorial as it was written before we heard about Siggi. I managed to add a P.S. to let people know what had occurred at the end of the editorial. Sybille with Inge and Siggi Leipold (Sylvester 2013)This photo expressed exactly our feelings for Siggi and Inge. That is exactly what it was to convey. I also would not have been able to write much more about Siggi, who was a well-known public figure, but we had no knowledge of his private life, etc. at Echo Germanica. We enjoyed meeting him and Inge in the community, sharing a beer and a joke and being together. Our shock and grief was great, especially considering the impact of his sudden departure brought on Inge and his family. We only heard back from the family after the paper had gone to press and were more than astounded that we got calls for the inappropriate editorial etc.

It is a never ending source of surprise to me that in our community (and in the world generally) we frequently believe more in the worse scenario than in the good possibility. Instead of thinking something good, we often either just not think, or just react unkindly.

I do know that reactive behavior is part of human nature, but the harsh criticism that sometimes comes our way (or is generally   handed out) usually is from people that never contributed anything to our efforts, not a pleasant thought, not a penny, nothing, not in 25 years that we have been doing this labour of love and not for our profit I might add.

Admitted, I too have fallen in to that human trap, but I like to think that I am a forgiving person and that I apologize when I trespassed on someone’s feelings. My upset or anger is usually of short duration and flies always on the wings of a smile.

Given that this is the Easter Season, where in our tradition, Jesus did what he did to wipe away all our trespasses, I think it is only appropriate that I suggest that we all have a look at our mistakes, big or small, like a look into the mirror - if you like, and forgive all those that have done something similar to us. That way we can all start fresh and begin a future that can be a pleasant one.

As I am writing this today, on the day the Hansa Club had its Easter egg hunt for the children, I am full of my own childhood memories to keep me in warm thoughts until Spring is truly here, not just on the calendar.

I wish you and yours a very happy Easter and a rejuvenation of life in the very best of all traditions.

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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