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July 2015 - Nr. 7
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

It is with great sadness in our hearts that we have to report that Wayne Wettlaufer has suddenly passed away. We saw him not that long ago at a ball in Kitchener, where he and his wife Marilyn looked splendid in their festive attire. We chatted and laughed and never suspected that something was wrong. He and I were of the same generation, as are so many of us in the German Canadian Community. We shared a similar point of world This is our first picture we took of Marilyn & Wayne Wettlauferview. Commemorating his greatest achievement for our community is an honor. Without him there would not be a German Pioneers Day in Ontario. You will find in this issue a speech he held last year at the Anna Tuerr Memorial, which will speak for him and what he stood for and why we all revere him.

We have sung his praises since the year 2000 and we shall continue to do so every year when we celebrate Pioneers Day in Ontario on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving; this year that will be on October 13. He will be missed by many for a very long time.

In other community news we can report on a meeting between the various clubs and organisations by invitation of the Consul General of Germany, Walter Stechel. The purpose was to exchange information to further the success and longevity of the German Clubs. While the meeting was very interesting it did not reveal too many new insights.

Of course there was the Anna Tuerr Memorial event, which newly elected Gerhard Griebenow reports about and Ingrid Oppermann reports about the events in Burlington and Hamilton.

We attended the annual Midsummer Night Dance at the Hansa Club, a Schnitzel Friday and a soccer game of the German Women’s team, which seems to be doing quite well, but I am not an expert.

This ends the spring season in the clubs and summer will take over, if only the weather would play along. Just now it is cold and rainy and I cannot say that this is beach weather. Hopefully that will change soon.

The summer always offers many picnics and we shall attend as many as possible.

See you there!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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