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August 2015 - Nr. 8
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

SUMMER! Hot nights, scorching days, cats sleeping in shaded gardens, flowers blooming with abandon, glorious colour everywhere, butterflies delight, pollen laden bees trundle by, a garden chair, a good book of light literature, ice-cold lemonade,  a trip to the beach, hot sand between my toes, cool water, screaming sea gulls and a sound like water falling as the wind streaks through the beach trees, a picnic lunch and ice cream on the way home.

A sunny day on the beachNeed I say more? I wish it would never end. Unfortunately reality catches up sooner than later and the city has us back. We escape to picnics, watch the Pan Am games on TV, talk to friends about not much or to clients about business. What business? The lack of it, the beauty of it, and what can and should be done close to home and elsewhere.

When it is too hot I wonder off into the cool dungeon of my basement and sort through boxes of surplus. Amazing what I find: Teddies I forgot I had can be designated to children or Sally Anne; sweaters I had put away years ago, out of style, books read at least twice, shoes no longer comfortable, skirts and dresses too small. Kitchen gadgets no longer needed, cleaning supplies past their due date, and on and on. What to do with all that stuff, some of which I do not even know what it is? I will never take it anywhere. Is there no one who can help?

Yes there is! Ken of Bismark Estate Services. (416-767-5723) He is like your friendly next door neighbour who will come and clear out you attic, basement, garden shed, garage or whatever and take it all away, for a fee of course, but you will not have a headache. He can do things to the property to spruce it up and many other things. Just talk to him, you won’t regret it! He is very handy!  So you did not get around  to do a thorough spring clean-out, summer is also a good time for it, actually any time is a good time. And should you be leaving your house behind and move to an apartment, well, then you really do need him! Don’t fret, let him do it. He knows how.

I still have a few items I can get rid of, like a humidifier that does not work anymore, old computers, air cleaners and, well, don’t get me started. It is amazing what accumulates. I wonder what the best of all husbands has in the garage.

But enough of that. Let me contemplate the next picnics. You will hear from me after those. I will not be thinking about the election much, except for my talks with some interesting folks from our community, like Sven Spengemann, running for MP in the Mississauga Lakeshore district of Toronto. Not a chance until summer is officially over. I will not have my summer ruined.

Until then!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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