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October 2015 - Nr. 10
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

Were you shocked when in September it got so cold that the heating in the house kicked in? I was! All I could think was: No more naked feet, no more visits to the beach, no more picnics, no more breakfast in the garden or other meals, no more naked arms! Instead it was time to get out the warmer jackets and scarfs, socks, sweaters and even a coat. There also would no longer be any red tomatoes to pick; the remaining flowers would die soon and that means no more fresh bouquets on my kitchen table. It also means that the cats are more likely wanting to stay in the house, that the birds, squirrels and racoons would start a feeding frenzy in their preparation for winter, which means I have to buy more bird seeds, peanuts and put out more stale bread and stuff for the animals. It also means that the grass needs only one more cutting; and the leaves will fall soon from the trees and, together with the flower cuttings, fill dozens of paper bags to be taken away by the city for mulching.

It means that summer is definitely over! Quelle domage!

We have entered the last quarter of the year with its Oktober- and Schlachtfests, concerts and operas, dinner parties and family gatherings around the hearth. And this year it also means election time In Canada. This year the Oktoberfest season is especially long. The Hansa Club had an early one, followed by the Germania Club in Hamilton and the Danube Swabian Club in Scarborough. Other clubs also have an Oktoberfest that we sometimes are not aware of. But the big one in Kitchener is still to come, so leave a little room on your calendar for it!

For Germans anywhere and German expatriates the 3rd of October was a special day. The celebration of 25 years of a unified Germany was cause for big celebrations that will not soon be forgotten. It only seemed to have happened a few years ago. I remember the first years when many voices became heard, full of disenchantment about the Ossie and Wessie situation. I remember right in the beginning warning that it would take at least 10 years to get used to each other and the different systems that have to grow together. I was right. But now we hardly hear any harsh words about that anymore, even though not everything is at par. Instead we hear more about the resurrection of eastern cities to their former glory and of job opportunities. I only have one regret: My father did not live to see the growing together of the two parts of Germany. And our families remain divided. The part that stayed in the east never found the connection to us in the west after the border had fallen. I guess for some it was too late.

Gerhard Griebenow & Walter Stechel, German Consul GeneralI also would like to tell you that the German Canadian Congress has a new leader, Gerhard Griebenow. He is well known in the local German community and a very able man. We are looking forward to working with him in restoring the role the GCC (DKK) should play for us in Ontario.

Until soon

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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