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June 2016 - Nr. 6
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

Summer is here! How do I know? My spring garden is devastated and the summer flowers are not fully developed, as usual. So in part the garden does not look good at all, except for the peonies, which I covered up with a sun umbrella so the heavy rains could not destroy them. The peonies are called Pentecost Roses in Germany because that is when they usually are in bloom there, but not here. My variety is particularly delicate as a hybrid. I have a red and white one with a huge inner yellow centre (See a white one in the picture). The front page is adorned with my neighbour’s red variety. Usually we are showing the other neighbours pink one, which is magnificent, but we are aiming for variety.

May was, as you might have guessed by now, taken up with a lot of gardening and celebrating life individually. Having meals in the garden is a great pleasure and spurs me on to invent ever new and garden-worthy delicious dishes.

Sybille & Rolf celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaryThe best of all husbands and I had a 50th wedding anniversary and of course, commemorated the event, but quietly.

Visiting some of our clients is always a delightful event, especially when food is involved.

We also had a visit, as a member of the ethnic media group with Andrea Horvath, which was quite interesting.

A visit to High ParkA visit to High Park was somewhat disappointing since the cherries, like my fruit tree, also did not bloom this year.

Thus it was an intensely “private” month. There is of course more to come during the summer. Especially the picnics that are breaking up the hopefully warm, if not hot, coming month.

Which leads me to my garden again, where I grow flowers to commemorate my mother and my father, all of which still have to come up properly.

In the meantime, speaking of fathers, we do wish all fathers a wonderful special day and perhaps a new BBQ (?), and definitely not another tie!

One more thing: Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to our German Consul General this week, after his tour of duty is over. We much enjoyed working with him - hope to do same with his successor - and wish him and his family well for the future!

Until next time!

Sybille Forster Rentmeister

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