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July 2016 - Nr. 7
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

SUMMER! What we live for in Canada! At least I do. I enjoy warm days that are not humid nor too hot. When the thermometer shows 30 degrees or more it is time to hit a beach and so we did. Was it as beautiful on a dune at Lake Erie as we remember it from decades of the same occasion? We set up shop as one of the first arrivals in the park, found our usual spot, and hoped that the dense humidity so close to the beach would soon stop when the sun would stand higher and burn it all off. We really had reason to believe that, because that is what always happened in the past; and I am talking about 4 decades or even more.

Behind the dune it was sunny and devilishly hot, the major reason why one looks for a good spot on top of a dune. The wind up there would keep one cool. This time we waited, and waited, and waited, surrounding ourselves on all sides with umbrellas as wind and wet protection. When the clock showed almost 1pm there was no change and we gave up, packed everything back where it belonged and lugged it back to the car, which had been sweltering in the heat behind the dune. We were cold and disappointed and drove to the next town, ate, shopped, sat on a peer, fed the gulls and ducks, and enjoyed the rest of the day that way.

I still cannot believe what happened that day!


What else happened during the last month? We went to a couple of club events, a midsummer night dance at the Hansa Haus and a Fiesta night at the Loreley Club in Oshawa, our first visit in quite some time. We got lucky, the traffic out there was good going this time because the highway was finally done. We enjoyed the show of the lovely dancers and found our way home, also in record time!

And then there was the EU Soccer Cup! And while we are not finished yet with watching as of now we are keeping our fingers crossed for - you guessed it - Germany.


Our correspondents all sent in their reports and I hope you enjoy them.


Celebrating the life of Beate Knappich

Celebrating the life of Beate Knappich


A couple of last words: The Hansa Haus had to say good-bye to a long standing honorary member, (which happens more often than we report) Beate Knappich. The celebration of life took place at the club and many volunteers and the Ladies Auxiliary, see picture, prepared a feast for her family and many friends. The hall was filled to capacity.


The Women's Auxiliary of the Hansa Club

The Women's Auxiliary of the Hansa Club


All who knew her were very sad to hear of her untimely and sudden demise, especially since she had overcome what everyone had feared would take her life, and did not. She will be missed a lot. We offer our sincerest condolences to her husband Erwin and his family.

A historical occasion is marked this year with the name change of the city of Berlin to Kitchener 100 years ago. The whole story can be read in the German Canadian Congress news letter, also soon on-line at or

I hope to see you at all the upcoming picnics, until then

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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