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August 2016 - Nr. 8
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

The Pope said “The world is at war”. Indeed, it looks and feels like it. Many activities that could be handled on friendly terms have turned into a battlefield and it is up to us to create as many peaceful moments in our lives as possible. Creating community is one thing that contributes to calming any area that has been upset by disturbing influences, may they be of a private, personal or political nature.

This picture taken at the Burgenlaender Picnic show harmony, spirit of communtiy in many ways.Traditionally there have always been some activities that have promoted that vital balance in our lives which we need to withstand the storms that sometimes come totally unexpected and with great force. The turbulence can knock us down or throw us off our usually good game.

Handling smaller problems is reasonably easy to overcome for most of us. Friends and/or family can give us a helping hand and hope that “this too shall come to pass”.

When we enter the bigger picture of the world and politics we feel helpless. Who are we to make things change for the better? The current situation in the USA is a good example of a domestic battleground. In my lifetime I have not seen such a nasty situation. Unfortunately, it spills over into our space, there is hardly any way to avoid it. We could weigh into it but it will not change anything.

More dangerous are situations in the Middle East. I read some very disturbing news about Turkey, Syria and other hot spots.

...and then there is dance, dancing with each other, holding each another in harmony, But we do not do politics in this paper, we cater to OUR community and try to enrich it with culture, a culture we can turn to for inner peace and togetherness, the kind that is reflected on our front page: Christian Mass before a picnic. The spiritual nature of that and the serene surroundings can create that communal feeling we crave.

I sincerely hope we never loose that!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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