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September 2016 - Nr. 9
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

Summer has come to an end and with it a lot of outdoor activities, such as our communal picnics. From our front page you can see that one version was the last one, at least with one very special person missing before the picnic had reached its end. Please read “One last time”.

Maria & Joe Stritzl


Of course there were other picnics: The Hansa House or Club Hansa, the Loreley Club in Oshawa, a pig roast at the Sturm house, Germania Club and Concordia Club have their versions, and all these are traditions we do not want to miss. Way back when there was also a big gathering at the Brandt Farm. Would it not be nice to have that again?

July and August offer these get-togethers for our communal enjoyment. Now in September there follow the street festivals which we shall observe at least a couple of, starting with the Ukrainian Festival and the Polish Festival. Why these two? Because their cultures are similar to ours, they are conveniently located as well as close to each other and happen on the same day in Toronto.

We also look forward to Oktoberfest celebrations in September and October. Please consult the ads for dates of our participating clubs.

As I am writing this the incredibly loud roars of planes with supersonic abilities screech across the sky and turn back close to our house towards the CNE where the annual Air Show has commenced. While I admire the incredible force of those planes, I can only imagine what animals and children feel when these planes pass by so low to the ground. My body felt the vibrations; but all is well that ends well when I can see the snow birds streak by overhead in perfect formation.

I hope you are well after this very hot summer. I would not mind going to the beach a couple more times in September, when everyone else is off to school and work. I do not feel lonely on an empty beach. It makes for even better dreaming.

See you around!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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