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October 2016 - Nr. 10
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

A lot has happened in September and I have no idea if we will get it all into this issue, but we will try. Anything that does not fit in can later be found on our website and by then going to the button that reads Echo Germanica.

The climate was not bad at all, especially the political one was mellowed by the royal visit, despite unfortunate rainfalls. It made us forget about the misbegotten affairs of the US politics that we are dished up daily, even on all our Canadian TV channels and news outlets.

We followed the Harmony Brass on their Octoberfest trail, went to Niagara to visit a Krupp gun of World War I, listened to James Bacque and watched the documentary “Other Losses” that caused much emotion in the audience, including myself. We went to the Ukrainian Street Festival and briefly visited the Polish one on the day the sun blessed the occasion.

Sybille cannot hold back her tears while recounting her father's return from the Rhine meadows camp

Sybille cannot hold back her tears while recounting her father's return from the Rhine meadows prison camp

Sometimes we escape for a movie and lunch date. We saw Pete’s Dragon, a wonderful story with a lesson for everyone to learn. With all this activity we enjoyed as often as possible our garden. Occasionally it was too cold for breakfast, but we could make it for lunch or a little “Kaffeeklatsch” in the afternoon. Watching the dozens of birds feeding, enjoying the squirrels looking for peanuts, and admiring the Blue Jays coming on to the fence next to our table also looking for the nuts is delightful. It is a respite that can only be rivalled by a visit to the big horizon of a lake or ocean as Ingrid Oppermann so well describes.

The next few weeks have again a fair amount of German related content, which of course we will observe. There is more Oktoberfest, rarely happening in October, and then there is the German Pioneers Day in Kitchener, which again is not happening in Toronto. Perhaps we can manage to put it together for next year?

And thus the year is marching on, soon the fall colours will offer the splendor of the coloured leaves and then we will turn our interest to all things Christmas with seasonal fairs and parties.

Watch for us as we will watch for you!

Until then,

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

PS: Fantastic news! The Berliner Philharmoniker are coming to Toronto’s Roy Thompson Hall November 15 and 16. They are on a North American tour and Toronto is the only city where they will play.

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