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November 2016 - Nr. 11
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

We are having a wonderful and long fall season, some times with Indian summer like temperatures. When was it that we could have breakfast in the garden in the middle of October? The temperatures are a bit more seasonal now, but the trees still have leaves, some of them still green in my neighbourhood. But the vibrant reds of sugar maples light up even the evenings with their fiery glow in the lamplight.

Toni Baumann, President of the Danube Swabian Association, German Consul General, Peter Fahrenholtz and Gerhard Griebenow, President DKK OntarioWe had a great month full of events, some of which you will be able to read about in this issue, like the German Day of Unity on the 3rd of October, when we met our new Consul General for the first time at the Glenn Gould Studio. The clubs had great events, now that Oktoberfest is over and we are looking toward the Christmas fares that will be popping up. We try to go to as many as possible. It is such a wonderful way to get into the mood. It is not about too much shopping, even though there will be some of it, who can resist, but it is the feeling of communion that is instilled in us when we hear our songs of the season, smell the aromas that are familiar and recall those special memories that we all have from our past.

Have you heard that in Waterloo on King Street, in their central LCBO store, there is now a special German Wine Boutique. Germany’s Wine Queen Ann Hochdoerfer came over to help launch it. Gerhard Griebenow and owner of HD Import, Harry Drung, and one of the Oktoberfest Princesses were also present. Hurrah for German Wine!

And while we think of nice things for ourselves to consume, let’s not forget that there are residents in our gardens that need to prepare for winter. We got a new bird house, I took in all the plants I want to save, the squirrels need to fatten up for the cold winter that we are being promised. So, I have a big stash of peanuts in the pantry. Far away from the house should perhaps be a shelter to put some food out for the coons, at least occasionally. I promise they will stay out of your recycle bins if you do that. Every household has stale bread or fruit that is no longer good enough to eat, or old cold cuts or meat. They eat anything, they are just not keen on vegetables.

We are getting cozy inside, let us make it a bit better for those that live outside.

We shall see you at the Christmas fares!

I also hope to see you on Sunday November 13 at the Woodside Cemetery, 119 Arlington Blvd. In Kitchener, where we will commemorate the lost lives of war and other inhumanities. The ceremony starts at 2:30pm.

Until next time

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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