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January 2017 - Nr. 1
Happy New Year from Echo Germanica
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

First, let me wish you all a very happy, healthy and successful new year. I think we are all very grateful that 2016 is over, even though we cannot imagine what the year 2017 will bring. It could go either way. It could, as some predict be the beginning of the end of what we know till now as a way of life; or it could be the beginning of a new golden age. The different philosophies are adequately written up on the internet. Personally, I lean towards the darker side of the predictions but hope for the opposite. Canada has not been too badly off, even throughout the last financial disasters. Canadians appear to be hopeful that his year, despite higher prices on anything that counts, is going to be a better year than the last.

No matter what will happen, it is important to maintain a positive, but realistic outlook and act accordingly.


Having a good time at a Hansa Choir celebration


December was a very busy month for most people. I was laid off mainly due to illness, but I managed to still put together a respectable Christmas for a couple of guests. By the time, Sylvester rolled around I was not in good shape and we had to leave the celebration at the Hansa Club early. This is the first time in my adult life that I did not toast the new year with a glass of champagne. It was very kind of Siegfried Sticht to volunteer taking the photos for the rest of the night, as he also did at the children’s Christmas party, because I was laid off. He also shot the picture for the front-page. We are very grateful for the back-up.

Because I could not be everywhere I wanted to I got notes from some folks which I will incorporate into the reports. Thank you all. One of the events I missed out on was the Christmas concert in the Danube Swabian Club. This group also performed in other clubs like the Austrian Continental Club in Burlington. We have Ingrid Oppermann’s report of that event to cover their tour in Ontario. Next, we shall see the Spring Concert in the coming month. Finally, I would like to thank all our sponsors and the readers of Echo Germanica for their loyally and input into this community paper. We are the only ones to laud it and report on its events. As we are shrinking in numbers it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up the good work. Thus, we appreciate any help we can get. Thank you again for another eventful year.

Happy New Year

Sybille Rentmeister

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