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February 2017 - Nr. 2
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

When we started to put this edition of Echo Germanica together I was a bit lost for words. Not much happened in January after a very busy festive season. I also did not look for much to attend since I am really laid off with the shingles, a mean and very painful affliction that many of us must face. This started at the beginning of December and is still going on. It is almost a joke that it started when we got a government ad (published in the January 2017 issue) that quoted that there is a vaccination available for shingles and that it is free, but only for people between 65 and 70 years old, unless you turned 71 in 2016. Maybe I will slip in for free, or mostly, because it is not totally free.

This gives rise to concern and bares the question: why only for people of that age? And why not after 5 years of retirement?

I know lots of people who were afflicted with this virus outside of those perimeters. Can we put it down to the usual o so often observed inability of governments to deal with the actual need of the population? Please check out if you are eligible at this website: , you might save some money. Wouldn’t that be grand?!


Mardi Gras at Club Loreley

Mardi Gras at Club Loreley


For the very same reason that I do not have anything to say about other personnel experiences I relied heavily on our contributors. Thus, we have another New Years event, a concert of Viennese origin, a “Jägerball”, another New Years event and a Carnival opening event, the latter 2 events from the Loreley Club in Oshawa. When we cannot be there they are nice enough to send some notes and I write it up for them. This is a fine example how this paper is YOUR paper for YOUR community. If we all contribute something life is more enjoyable for all of us.

I also cannot stress enough that it is important to support your local German Club that has given the community countless hundreds, if not thousands, of pleasurable hours of togetherness and a home away from home. That is how all of them started out, giving the people that arrived here after much hardship a place where they could be themselves, where they were not being judged for being German.

The clubs make all efforts within their means to provide a continuing place of community, to provide cultural content, and of course they offer German food and “Gemütlichkeit”, also to our guests of other cultures. What is offered is quite varied: Oktoberfest, coverage of the important soccer games, seasonal choir concerts and sing-alongs, classical concerts like the one coming up at the Hansa Club, and many more events that cover the community we share. Come out for some togetherness and bring a Valentine, if you have one! You won’t regret it!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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