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June 2017 - Nr. 6
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

I am of two minds about the weather we are having: Glad that it is not too hot, yet disappointed that it rains so much. Truly, by now a bit more heat and dryness would be welcome. It is still too cold to have breakfast in the garden, even if the sun is shining. I am also concerned that the lakes are not warming up enough to make for a reasonably comfortable swim. Our favorite body of water, Lake Erie, is only just over 25 degrees Celsius at this point. Add to that wind on the dunes and cool air temperatures and you can imagine that I would not be keen to go there. I need about 30 degrees in the air and that will make the wind bearable and the water pleasant. I truly hope this will change for the visitors we are expecting from Austria.

Always a joy at Club Loreley

But the weather is for the moment not our problem. The political climate however is stormy, to say the least. We just watched a live concert in Manchester, two weeks after the terror attack there. And while I am not exactly a fan of some of the performers that showed up, after all I am not a teenager looking for love from the “Bieber”, I must give credit to Ariana Grande and her fellow musicians that rallied to give strength to a shaken town. It was something to behold: Over 50 thousand people, listening, cheering, singing along with all their favorite entertainers. Awesome, and I became a fan!

I am a fan of fearless outspoken people that stand up for their principles. However, I am not a fan of people that make use of their right to freedom of speech to spout thoughtless innuendos or alternating facts that are far from the truth; and that includes everyone, also presidents.

I advise all of us not to watch anything remotely political up to 2 hours before going to sleep. It could give us nightmares or keep us up all night. Instead it would behove us to watch an old-fashioned movie from the past, not a remake, no, the original, with our favorite fantastic actors, that are leaving the world stage in greater numbers every year. No wonder, they are of our generation. A friend of mine just said that she is going to 2 funerals a week these days. We lose a lot of friends and for some of us it is getting lonely.

Thank goodness, we have our organisations to turn to for some old-fashioned home feeling. Out frontpage is reminding us that there is still hope for the future, while our children get to together with other parts of humanity, sharing their interests and culture.

And this month, even though we do prepare for Canada’s 150th birthday, let us not forget our fathers and forefathers and all they have done for us.

Happy Fathers Day!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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