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September 2017 - Nr. 9
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

September!    I cannot believe it. This year has raced by like no other. Looking back at the Augusts of my life I realize that they often hold a sentiment of loss. It is not just the idea that summer signals its end with cooler nights and rain, the Canadian Exhibition and the last days with the airshows. For me August is a month in which I have experienced severe loss. My mother passed away 2 weeks before her 80th birthday. In the unlikely event that she would have lived she would now be 102 years old. My father passed way 12 years earlier.

I have learned to live with the loss of my parents and had no idea that another loss would be so hard on me. By now you know that I am a lover of cats, I have rescued many of them, found them new homes and kept a few myself. Lately I had the maximum allowed number of 4 cats in my home. While we were battling an unprecedented bout of flee-invasion two passed away within 2 weeks of each other.

I have no tears left, my garden is a cemetery and the house feels empty. What to do? “Focus on the living and do something useful” would have been my mother’s advice. So, I am! There are still 2 cats left who need loving and caring for, there are people that rely on me.

Sybille with Schenay Schank, Vice President Club LoreleyThe garden also is a living and ever-changing thing that requires my attention. Dead remnants of spring flowers, wilting summer blooms want to be replaced by fall mums and asters. And then there are the weeds, some of which are beautiful and classified as weeds only because they are invasive, taking over carefully planned arrangements and colour schemes. There is one in particular, it looks like a tail of hundreds of tiny white blooms. They advance all over the place and need to be thrown out, much like the oh so beautiful blue bells, which I truly love as wild flowers. But they too take over the landscaping if not curtailed.

The garden work lets me be in charge over life and death. I have as much control as I want to exercise. It makes me feel better and transports me out of this band of grief that came over me.

Who else has a recipe against grief? Let me know. It might be helpful to all of us. We are saying goodbye to summer and hello to autumn and winter, knowing that spring and renewal come back after that.

I am looking forward to the next few month and the entertainment they might bring our way.

See you there!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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