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We are a full-fledged publishing house geared to making businesses successful.

Our marketing and promotional creations have helped many small and medium size ventures to gain bigger market shares in their chosen field of business or trade.

An experienced team of technical and creative talent is capable of using its combined experience of over 100 years to keep business on the forefront of competitiveness without forgetting that all-important personal touch that makes a business identity unique.

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  • 1980 start of the publisher’s career in the newspaper business

  • Since 1990 publishers of its own newspaper Echo Germanica
    – All ads and promotional advertising material made in-house

  • 1991 Echo Germanica receives its first 3 awards to become eventually the most decorated German-Canadian newspaper

  • 1991 its published article “What is German?” – written by the publisher – becomes part of the study materials in German departments of North American universities

  • 1995 registration of the domain name Echoworld

  • 2000 the first issue of Echo Germanica is published online at echoworld.com
    (1 week later the Echoworld website had above 1,500 hits/day)

  • Today Echoworld.com receives over 2,000 visitors/day and up to 200,000 hits/day

For information or request contact us by e-mail:
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