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November 2003 - Nr. 11


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Ethnic support for Barbara Hall

  A bevy of supporters also attended a meeting of this mayoral candidate and the press – in front of City Hall - from various ethnic communities.

Barbara Hall and her supportersAbout twenty leading figures of these various communities introduced themselves and were all very outspoken about their choice for Barbara Hall by extolling her virtues and accomplishments. Some were also critical of the past municipal leadership that had left the city on the verge of bankruptcy, its non-support and proven inaccessibility to the community. They all believed that a change was necessary and expressed their hope that Barbara Hall would provide that change.

It was a colourful display of support with almost 100 people proudly displaying multi-coloured placards and cheering all the speakers and their ‘favourite’, Barbara Hall.

Explaining the reason for the various colours, one of the supporters said they represent the colourful mosaic of the city’s ethnic and multicultural diversity.

Barbara Hall meets the ethnic press at City HallBarbara Hall then also approached the podium to explain her platform and the positive changes she expects to make at City Hall, if elected on the 10th of November.

It sounded great, but then so did the plans and promises of the other candidates.

One thing is sure; we do need a major change in our municipal government. Vox Populi!

Let the people speak on the 10th of November! Maybe we can recapture Toronto’s reputation as one of the greatest cities on this continent.



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