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November 2003 - Nr. 11


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Letter from the Editor

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister  

Dear Reader

The month of October was extraordinary in many different ways. Starting with a reception and concert and ending with a gala ball in Toronto, the region including Hamilton and Kitchener experienced a German Festival designed to remind Canadians of the great cultural contributions Germany has made to the world.

Quite a few of these events would have taken place anyway but as part of a festival they gained importance. We did our best to follow the events and proceedings, but the German-Canadian press was actually not encouraged to participate other then promoting the events pro bono beforehand.

We had to find innovative ways to cover the festival and thank those that helped us do so, especially the German National Tourist office, the organizers of Pioneer Day in Kitchener, a couple of community volunteers and Applaus Communications, which had to put up with my continuous fight for the right to report. If you still find the coverage lacking in completeness, please understand that this is the best we could do under the circumstances.

Aside from the festival there was German culture apparent everywhere, as it is most of the time. German composers, artist, scientists and athletes are usually in the news and it does not even penetrate into our consciousness, that is how used we are to it here in Canada.

John ToryWe brought up this amazing fact to John Tory, running for mayor in Toronto. He felt it odd that the Star columnist William Littler would comment on the fact that Canadians cannot forget WWII and Germany’s image needs polishing. He thought that the huge amounts of business the two countries are doing together speak for themselves.

Questions and answersOne man’s opinion, he felt, someone who is not aware how hurtful this opinion is for current generations.

Our front page also symbolizes how much the German culture is reaching into this society. Many years ago I lamented that we are not having a St. Martin lantern procession. I remember fondly how we used to build our own lanterns at home or in school and how all the schools turned out to wind themselves through the streets of the city, and also how the story of St. Martin was re-enacted.

Our German Day School has been established for a few years now and has brought this wonderful custom to us. This year it is just a small affair, but at the end of November, Nov. 30, to be precise, the school invites any interested persons to celebrate a first advent with them in the Trinity St. Paul’s Church basement. (Same place where Tafelmusik is at home) A bazaar and bake sale, as well as activities for the little ones are a good way to make friends and create interest in the school. (Telephone 416-922-6413 for more information)

As of November we can also count on another German custom that has found its way as a staple into Canadian life, namely all the different Christmas Fairs. This year there will be one in Toronto, back where it started, in front of our beautiful City Hall. John Tory promised to make it easier for events to take place there and take care of the excessive taxation for events in that location. That would really help to establish this event more firmly. Other Christmas fairs are held in the various clubs and in Kitchener at City Hall. I hope the community will support these events full heartedly and choose the best mayor for the job.

As you can see, there is German culture everywhere. It has thrived here for a long time and is not about to disappear.

See you at the fairs!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

Sybille's squirrelP.S.: For all the disbelievers out there! The squirrel on last month’s front page was not superimposed. It actually was my pet squirrel. I had tamed it over the winter and spring to come and sit on me and take food from my hand.

Unfortunately it recently decided to live in another neighbourhood. Other squirrels had become too jealous for comfort.


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