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November 2003 - Nr. 11


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Early Mardi Gras Start

  If I would write my report in German I would probably head it "Es war eine rauschende Ballnacht". Obviously this is not possible so I will just say "it was a grand event - a night to remember".

Cornell BrüggemannWith the blessings of the BDKK the coronation of the new ‘Royal Couple’ took place at the Continental Austrian Club in Burlington, hosted by the youngest Carnival Society in Ontario, the 1.KG Ascendia, Hamilton. Aware of the fact that "Carnival" does not officially open until the 11.11. of any year, special dispensation had been sought and granted.


Royals on paradeOne carnival society took this very seriously; they attended but did not wear their traditional uniforms. Well, one can argue the value of traditions with all the global changes Mississauga's Treue Husarengoing on and where many ‘traditions’ are allowed to fall by the wayside. However, this is in no way meant to be criticism – just an observation – but their valuable point was noted!

Timothy & Karen from Downriver, DetroitWell over 200 guests witnessed the installation of Martin Heinrich and his daughter as his Foolish Highness "Prince Heinrich I." and her Loveliness "Princess Marta I.", both from Hamilton, very ably and ceremoniously officiated by Cornell Brüggeman.

With this I thee crown you Prince Heinrich I....and thee Princess Marta I.





Freshly crownedThe beares of crown and scepter





The proclamationThe first confrontation with their "subjects"





Congratulations!Guests from Sarnia





The conclusion one can logically draw from this happening? Carnival is not quite dead in Canada, yet!

The Princess and her friends

The young teenage princess had invited a bevy of her friends to this event, who loved every minute of it. Maybe some of them get the carnival bug and provide the young blood that the German Mardi Gras movement so sorely needs. If they bring their boyfriends and other friends, the next time they attend one of the functions with the new princess, they may also get infected. Especially now that carnival has changed to being celebrated mostly in English, rather than all in ‘German’. (Something Prince Martin and his Princess had insidiously planned and are hoping that it will work).

The Prince and Princess medalThis, by the way, was the first exposure of the young princess to Mardi Gras – or the German "Carnival" – and she took to it like a duck to water. I think she realised that carnival is serious fun – at least to the Germans.

Food, seriouslyAfter the coronation, cooks brought a roasted pig and a huge flaming pot roast into the hall, for the guests to admire. A delicious dinner was served shortly thereafter. Kudos to Helmut Schöller and his "Zum Linzer" restaurant in Hamilton for a job well done!

Entertainment continued seamlessly. When Joe Lindlau’s band wasn’t playing for the dancers other entertainment was in progress.

The centre of attention

The White Pine Dancers from BrantfordSimply magnificient





Teaching the danceThe Six Nations from Brantford had sent the "White Pine" dancers with a wonderful demonstration of Indian cultural dances – including a "hoop dance" with 16 hoops. Wonderfully done with beautiful costumes and greatly appreciated by the audience!

Watching the dance of the White Pines

The hoops......and the "Hoop" dance





The first medal exchangeThe 713 Squadron of the Air Cadets from Stoney Creek had sent a great little military band to the event, and the 1.KG Blau-Weiss, Sarnia had sent their Senior and Junior ‘Garde’ to entertain with well-rehearsed guard dances.

Opening the danceIt was just like some of the carnival functions thatPrince Richard & Princess Kerstin join in most of us remember from the "good old days" with visiting "Royals" and carnival societies from as far away as Detroit, Sarnia, Kitchener and London etc.

1. KG Blau-Weiss Sarnia Juniors

1. KG Blau-Weiss Sarnia Seniors

Since the German Club in Brantford celebrated a 50th anniversary on the same day, we unfortunately had to miss a delegation from the Narragonia, Brantford.

Bar service was also great with Warsteiner and the new Krombacher beers ‘favourites’ – only the line-ups were a little long at times, reflecting that all this fun also makes one thirsty.

There is really so much more I could write about but there just isn’t that much room in the paper this month. If you would like to see more pictures of the event go to our website at www.echoworld.com under "Dick reports".

For the first time in this session of carnival I close with the traditional:

Alaaf, Helau and Ahoi

Dick Altermann


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