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March, 2004 - Nr. 3


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Fighting "The Blues"

by Dr. Paul Jaconello
Doctor Jaconello is the Medical Director of the Jaconello Health Centre for Nutritional and Preventive Medicine

"The basic formula of living (not Life) is having and following a basic purpose" (L. Ron Hubbard)

Many times, through life, we encounter barriers, which distract us from doing the above, or make it more difficult for us to follow our goals.

When these times occur, it can be called stress. Common stressors include loosing our job, (or uncertainty that this may occur), marital disharmony, personal lose, failure to achieve and so on.

In addition, bad news in the world, the threat of sweeping epidemics, capricious changes in governmental regulations and even extremes of weather (snow storms, heat waves). It is a wonder we can do what we are able!

These barriers and distractions can cause us to be fearful, anxious, melancholy and even helpless. In view of the dangerous environment we live in, it behoves us to focus on steps that can proof us up against these assaults on living.

Here are a few tips that could help bulletproof you up and make you less susceptible.

These include:

1. Exercise

Voluntary physical activity on a regular basis is a good antidote to fighting the blues. A programme that fits your schedule and your lifestyle is the one you need. Walking, stretching, weights, dancing, swimming, aerobics classes done on a steady basis are really good ways to enhance mood and energy.

2. A Good Diet

This is a diet that is adequate in protein and minimal in refined carbohydrates, processed foods and hydrogenated oils.

A good diet also includes whole grains, fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts and good oils such as olive oil, flaxseed oil. Stay away from packaged foods, food additives and coloring agents as much as you can.

Eat a good protein enriched breakfast and ensure enough roughage in your diet.

3. Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Borderline nutritional deficiencies can be predisposing factors for the blues.

Deficiencies of the following nutrients have been associated with poor mood.

  •  Zinc

There are many studies associating lower zinc levels with depression.

  •  B Vitamins

Particularly B12, folic acid, B6, niacinamide, pantothenic acid.

  •  Magnesium

Deficiency of this mineral can be a factor in being irritable, nervous, edgy, and jumpy

So it would be good to take a daily multivitamin and mineral and some extra magnesium to help you get through your day.

4. Essential Fatty Acids

Deficiencies in the intake of what are called omega 3 fatty acids are associated with increased risk of depression. So taking a regular supplement of flaxseed oil or fish oil can be of assistance in preventing or reducing down moods.

So in summary, there are simple steps that can be made that keep away the "bad hair days" that are simple to implement and relatively effective. As long as the implementation is ongoing and consistent.

Paul Jaconello, M.D.

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