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October, 2004 - Nr. 10


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From the Side Lines

  (SFR) It has been said that criticism is nothing but admittance that the critic cannot do a better job him/herself, or is not willing to do it.
Yet, if there is an outpoint somewhere, and no one spots it, voices it, brings it to someone’s attention, then nothing would ever be corrected. By not reporting to those that need to know something unsavoury after having observed it, is giving the wrongness the power to be right and thus it can run its course, no matter how destructive.

Our societies developed a justice system based on the locally agreed upon mores and fortified it with laws and police and courts and prisons and psychologists/psychiatrists who are to evaluate if someone is responsible for their deeds or not. Countless workers feed on this machinery, made legitimate by learned people, like legions of lawyers.

And in the end, time and again, we hear that justice has not been served, that wrong people have been convicted and those that should pay the price for their ill deeds have made a deal to get away with all sorts ill conceived actions, even murder.

The system pretends that it can reform people. The statistics tell a totally different story. It is common knowledge by now, that most crimes are committed by repeat offenders.

One way our society deals with outpoints is through the media; and it can be said, every once in a while, something useful is reported, such as the alert to be cautious because someone is on the loose who should not be.

Unfortunately most of these reports do not comply with a real and healthy need to know. Media, especially these days, is more often than not stretching the guidelines of need to know to the point of terrorizing entire populations with their unnecessary alarmist attitude, their chaos mongering, and their policing attitude. By supporting such disservice the general public admits to wanting to be made upset, wanting to feel turbulent as soon as they open their eyes in the morning until they go to bed. Somehow this does not ring true.

It needs to be examined if such reporting of such streams of bad news is not feeding the coffers of someone, like perhaps the so-called health and mental health industry, that has its finger in every pie society bakes. It needs to be examined if we find reason for our children’s inability to focus in this created environment of terror, horror, crime, and abuse, as to easier and quicker put them onto Ritalin and other psychopharmaca.

We are all made to feel like a bunch of paranoid rats under threat of extinction, rather than a people that has some of the more saviour points of humanity as its strength, like the ability to reason analytically. We are made to believe that nothing can be done about it, which of course is a lie designed to drive the rest of us into utter apathy, so we will no longer point out the wrong points of the pointers; so we will willingly, if not wittingly, submit to the enslaving processes of a few manipulators.

Let us not forget: Apathy is only one small step away from death, and therefore worth fighting wherever we find it. Raising someone out of apathy is not easy, but it is possible, and it starts with understanding the mechanics our society uses in order to make us feel helpless. Every time you see a mother yank her child away when you smile at it and say hi, you know that this mother is the effect of chaos mongering and does not know how she got there and how to evaluate correctly what the intention of an individual is. She lives in fear and fear is paralyzing her.

If someone dwells there the chaos mongers have won another victory for those that benefit from an irate population.

Surely, there are other things that contribute to the decline of entire civilizations, have in the past and are doing so now.

If you have an observation along these lines, or questions as to what you can do, we would like to hear from you at info@echoworld.com, subject matter Help/Consult.


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