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January, 2006 - Nr. 1


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An Austrian Event
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Goodbye to Beloved Hippo
Castle Belleview Re-opened

Dick reports...

Dick Altermann at his computer

An Austrian Advent

Looking back to the pre-Christmas turmoil, I think this event should be mentioned. A lot of tradition was being demonstrated here at the annual Austrian "Advents Celebration" at the Delta Chelsea Inn, in downtown Toronto, and here comes the "Stollen"just a couple of weeks before Christmas.

I like cookiesThe evening took place in the seasonally decorated Mountbatten Room of the hotel, with cookies, nuts and mandarin oranges and other décor on each table, helping to set the mood for this festive occasion.

Manfred StrakaManfred Straka welcomed the guests and introduced the president of the association, Christine Meyer, who in her address also welcomed Dr. Karl Christine Meyer, President of the Canadian Austrian SocietySchmidt, Austrian Consul and Trade Commissioner, and other dignitaries that were present that evening. Dr. Karl Schmidt & Christine Meyer

Entertainment commenced with the Mixed Choir Edelweiss, Toronto, and members of Schola Cantorum with wonderful songs of the season under the direction of Manfred Petz.

Manfred Petz introduces the Mixed Choir EdelweissManfred Petz conducts the Schola Cantorum choir





Günther Kunzelmann recitesLiterary contributions to this evening’s entertainment were poems and other stories, as always, expertly presented by Günther Kunzelmann. Ulli Jeschke, CHIN Radio host, contributed also to Ulli Jeschke and the donkey legendthis event and recited the humorous "Legend of the Donkey", whom God eventually lifted above all other animals.

Gifts for the childrenUnfortunately there were only a few youngsters present – but they all received a Christmas gift.

Lining up for the famous goulash soupA typical Austrian touch was provided with hot and hardy Goulash Soup, accompanied by rolls and Goulash soup fansalted buns with lots of caraway seeds on top. Much anticipated it was served during intermission and quickly consumed by the many eager guests.

Nelda Straka with her accordionTo conclude the evening in the spirit of Christmas, Nelda Straka led all present with her accordion in about a dozen songs of the season – some in German and Members of the Mixed Edelweiss Choirsome in English – from ‘Jingle Bells’ to ‘Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht’, that were sung by most of the audience with sincere enthusiasm. - r.k.a.


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