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January, 2006 - Nr. 1


The Editor
Der Weihnachtsmann,
Paul Bernhard Berghorn
A Classic is Reborn
"Happy New Year"...
Herwig Wandschneider
Love for Vienna...
K-W & Beyond
An Austrian Event
Sybille reports
Ham Se det jehört?
'Between the Years'
Neuschwanstein in the Running
Klum touts Sauerkraut
King Kong's Kretschmann
Choirs Back in Style
Free Noon Hour Concert
Orchestra Toronto Event
German Films Honoured
Opera York Fundraiser
New Films in Washington
Goodbye to Beloved Hippo
Castle Belleview Re-opened

New films from Germany, Switzerland and Austria in Washington

  TWIG - From January 20 to 26 Washington, DC’s Landmark Theatre E Street Cinema will host the 14th annual film festival "New Films from Germany, Switzerland and Austria," featuring a selection of new films from German- speaking countries.

Eddie Cockrell, a film critic for the trade paper Variety who has reviewed international cinema from festivals in Europe and Canada, says this year’s festival offers a cutting-edge selection of German-language films:

"If there’s an immediately identifiable theme to this year’s selection of new German-language feature films, it might well be that old dramatic standby: The journey. Yet more than a person or people moving from one place to another, acquiring knowledge along the way, it is Germany itself, and Austria, and Switzerland, making the trip, and asking, ‘What do our films say about who we are, and what is our place in the world?’"

"As a function of this multicultural awareness, clashes inform the drama and comedy in Ghosts, Kebab Connection, KussKuss, One Day in Europe and Welcome Home, while Barefoot, Let the Cat Out of the Bag, Oktoberfest and Willenbrock invite us to look at a familiar yet changing world in an entirely new and different way. A snapshot of a rapidly evolving moment in time, the 14th annual edition of this well-established program once again promises a cutting-edge selection of German-language films for dedicated and appreciative Washington-area audiences."

The festival is co-presented by the Goethe-Institut in Washington, the Austrian Embassy and the Embassy of Switzerland, with generous funding from german-films, the German film marketing advisory board.
Republished with permission from "The Week in Germany"

Landmark Theatres’ E Street Cinema
555 11th Street NW
Washington, DC 20004
(Metro: Metro Center)
For information call (202) 452-7672


Landmark Theatres


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