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January, 2006 - Nr. 1


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Goodbye to Beloved Hippo
Castle Belleview Re-opened

Berlin says goodbye
to beloved hippo

  TWIG - Saddened Berliners this week said goodbye to Bulette, Europe’s oldest hippopotamus, who had lived in their city’s Zoological Garden for 53 years.

"Bulette was an institution in Berlin. We, and everyone who likes animals, are deeply saddened," said head zoo veterinarian Andreas Ochs. The hippo suffered from a long illness and had to be put under.

During her long life in captivity, Bulette became mother to more than 20 baby hippos, many of them fathered by Knautschke, another popular hippo who died a few years ago.

Bulette’s mate made history as the only hippo in all of Germany to survive World War II. Following the war, he frequently crossed the heavily fortified East-West German border to procreate with hippos in communist East Germany.

Along with the gorilla Knorke and the zoo’s panda couple Bao Bao and Yan Yan, Bulette and Knautschke were among the most popular attractions at the zoo.

But despite the loss of one of its favorite faces, the zoo is still proud to be home to more species than any other zoo in the world. In 2005, it welcomed many baby animals, including a new baby hippo in July and a giraffe in December.
Republished with permission from "The Week in Germany"


Zoological Garden Berlin


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