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May, 2006 - Nr. 5


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Dick reports...

Dick Altermann at his computer

Beaches are great…

Prepared for the Easter bunny"I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else," one of the residents told me when I visited the area on occasion of the Easter Parade – hosted by the Toronto Beaches Lions Club on Easter Sunday.

The flag bearers

Mayor David MillerAbout 2000 people, consisting of marching bands, over 100 colourfully decorated floats and cars – led by Toronto Mayor David Miller – entertained thousands of residents and visitors lining Queen Street East from Monro Park Avenue to Woodbine, on this sunny day.

Arrival of a bunnyOriginally started on the Boardwalk, about 40 years ago, the parade soon moved to Queen Street East, when the organizers realized that they needed more room as the event - that started as part of the celebrations on Canada’s Centennial in 1967 - grew in popularity.

Defenders of the bunny

Little MissI spoke to various people and had to marvel at the cohesiveness and the love of the neighbourhood they demonstrated. I asked them what it is that makes this area so special but no one cEven dogs in dress-upould really put a finger on it. "I just love it here", said one lady, with a greyhound on a leash, "Our family has lived here for three generations", she said, "and I think it is one of the best areas in Toronto".

A trailer full of kidsA drum marching band





The big bunnyThat reaction was pretty common among those people that I interviewed. One visitor – who lives in the north end of Toronto – said that theBunny rescuey even come here to shop since the prices are lower in this area of Toronto. Well, I am not going to take his word seriously, but I am marking this colourful occasion on my mental calendar for next year.

FIFA World Cup Soccer

The name of Munich’s Olympia Park is already enshrined in Soccer Folklore as the venue at which West Germany won a second FIFA World Cup on the 7th of July 1974.

Now, some 32 years later, the stadium is set to play a leading role as the FIFA world Cup returns to Germany. The opening is set for the 9th of June, 2006 at the new FIFA World Cup Stadium in Munich.

About one million fans are expected in Germany. German Cops are slated to be posted at British Airports to screen soccer fans for known rowdies.

Locally the Danube-Swabian Club is the chosen venue of the German Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce, which will host soccer fans for the game on the 14th of June.

The Hansa Haus will be opening its doors for the opening game at 12:00 noon of June 9, 2006, and will be serving lunch for the fans. Next game will be at 3:00 pm on the 14th of June and the next game on the 20th of June at 10:00 am. Information at 905-564-0060.

Additional information available from the German Consulate General website at, where you can go to the link of Planet Soccer, and the official FIFA website at

Should anyone be interested in local soccer affairs and history, there is actually a Soccer Hall of Fame, which you can explore online at


Kinderfest at the Hansa Haus

This afternoon festival marked the 12th time that the annual "Kinderfest" was hosted by the Weiss Blau Bayern Junior Schuhplattler Group in cooperation with the German Canadian Club Hansa.

Enter the Participants

As Scott Siegner - the MC for the event – mentioned in his welcoming address: "Kinderfest is a celebration of children and cultural dance. It is also about community and fellowship allowing all of our children to meet, interact, and enjoy the performances of children from other ethnic backgrounds and communities participating in their respective ethnic dances and keeping those traditions alive".

Weiss Blau Bayern Junior Schuhplattler

Then he thanked the GCC Hansa and the KG Hansa for the donations of $200.00 each to aid in staging this event and listed the groups that attended this afternoon.

Folk Ensemble "Ilinden"

Shiamak's Indo Jazz Dance Movements

Blinch Irish Dance Company

Guests of the Schuhplattler group were the Concordia Enzian Schuhplattler Verein from Kitchener, the Oshawa Funkengarde and Club Loreley Youth Dancers, the Shiamak Indo Jazz Dance Movement, St. Elias Heritage School "Iskra", the (Macedonian) Folk Ensemble "Linden" from Mississauga and the Blinch Irish Dance Company from Brampton.

Club Loreley Youth Dancers

Concordia Enzian Schuhplattler Verein

St. Elias Heritage School "Iskra"

Trina and the bellsIt was wonderful and gratifying to observe the enthusiasm and dedication demonstrated at the performances. Needless to mention that the magnificent costumes of some of the performing groups contributed enormously to the colour of this occasion.

These facts were not lost on the large audience and were often rewarded with sustained applause.

Raffle tickets for a good causeDuring the intermission raffle tickets for the traditional "Tombola" went on sale and were eagerly obtained. This seemed to be one of the largest amounts of raffle items I have ever seen and it didn’t take long to dispose of most of them immediately, once the tickets were Lots of prizessold out.

Of course, the highlight of the afternoon was the Piñata Game at the end of the afternoon; when most of the participants formed a large circle and various ones were chosen to try to hit a piñata and break it open to release the candy it contained. Since the children were blindfolded, this at times resulted in amusing episodes. But eventually the piñata gave up and a mad scramble by the kids made sure that all the candies found eager recipients.

The Piñata gameThe elusive target





Fresh popcorn

Enthusiastic kid, fabulous food, great entertainment and a wonderful ambience, made this an affair to remember – for the children of any age!

As always

Dick Altermann


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