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May, 2006 - Nr. 5


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KW & Beyond

  by Irena Syrokomla

Irena Syrokomla

Lost & Found Theatre presenting The Anger In Ernest & Ernestine

Lost & Found Theatre came into existence a couple of years ago in K-W area as a joint effort of several experienced and professional actors as well as theatrical arts professionals: Director Andrew Lakin, with his varied hands-on experience, Stage Manager and actress Kathleen Sheehy, known in this area for her prior theatrical achievements, also Michael Peng and Andrea Tutt – both well known in this town – Michael especially - this time acting the parts of newly-weds. It is good to see you again, Michael!

In the last year, this group has put together several plays, among them Vigil and Cotton Patch Gospel. It is a mystery to me that I have not attended any of their productions until now. I regret that I have not been part of the growing process of Lost & Found Theatre from the beginning and judging by the quality of it and the enthusiasm of the team, I will make sure to be there when they stage another play, and not miss out again!

Andrea Tutt as Ernestine, Michael Peng as Ernest in "The Anger in Ernest & Ernestine"   [photo: Andrew Lakin]And now about The Anger In Ernest & Ernestine. Although it is announced as a play for 14 years plus, with some uncensored words, it is, in my view, best suited to an audience for 25 years plus with marriage experience, as a younger, less experienced audience may not get the point. This play presents various stages of marriage relationships - from the initial euphoria to step-by-step accommodation of differences, to facing the reality and coping with it, trying to adapt to personal difference (or not), going through ups and downs, finally breaking up. Hilarious as it appears, it strikes a cord with the audience, both the outbursts of laughter and dead silence reflected how some scenes or statements were hitting home.

The setting is the first apartment of a newly wed couple: the basement with a furnace, the stairs leading to or from the outside, no windows. They arrive with a couple of boxes of their belongings and begin to organize the items – the kleenex box on the table – or on the kitchen shelf, the tea bags in the tea pot, the jacket – or a sweater – hanging on the coat rack or in a closet. Negotiating the differences, enjoying togetherness, trying it on for a size. First breakfast together. Then the second breakfast. Then the third one. Saying things – lovingly, truthfully, then hatefully.

The two actors, Michael Peng as Ernest, and Andrea Tutt as Ernestine, are better than I have ever seen them before. The idea of playing the roles with clown-like parody, overstating the details, over-exaggerating the facial expressions and gestures – really drives the subject, initially it appears as simplification, but it is not. You have to see it to appreciate it fully. It is a comedy with a darker side. The audience laughs and thinks " I have been there myself. I have seen this before".

It is really a comedy with a dark side, and an excellent play with excellent actors. It is running till May 6th and hopefully some other productions of this quality will follow in the future.

Lost & Found Theatre at present is using Registry Theatre space, right in downtown Kitchener, on Frederick Street. Ticket prices are in $18 to $26 range and worth every penny. They also have a web-side . The phone number is 519-578-1570 or 1-800-265-8977.

Other interesting shows coming to Kitchener-Waterloo in May are: Marion Bridge at Theatre & Company on May 18 till June 11, and La Traviata in The Centre in the Square May 12 and May 14. And both Shaw Festival and Stratford are beginning their summer runs.

Spring is really here!


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