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June, 2006 - Nr. 6


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Letter from the Editor

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister  

Dear Reader

What a joy it is to sit outside for breakfast or any other meal. Canadians, and so does anyone who lived here long enough, certainly know how to make the most of our outdoors during the warmer seasons, short as they are in these regions.

My new garden has been barren for so many years that it will be nearly impossible to make something spectacular out of it in one summer, but containers of flowers and greens help a lot to bring brightness and colour into my life. I even rescued from my old garden big pots with Strawberry plants. They too hide a few optic flaws, or make them quaint, like the hanging baskets in front of the old garage, which will be replaced a bit later on. Hopefully the abundance of fuchsias will attract some humming birds. I also chose Lupines to attract butterflies now and later in the year. All those Monarchs going south certainly need sustenance before they cross the big lakes.

But let me comment on our front page, which was shot at The Centre in the Square in Kitchener. We were very impressed by Dr. Alfred Kunzís concert Canadian Rhapsody. It featured a composition especially commissioned by Paul Tuerr to commemorate his wife Anne and her life. This was a proud evening for the Tuerr family, which ended in the Concordia Club. You can read about it under Canadian Rhapsody.

In Toronto The Europeans are back in town. With that we mean a special film festival devoted to featuring European films. About that and other items highlighting subjects about things "German" you can read in Sybille reports: Spotlight on Germany and in the article In my travels.

Smokey hard at work, growing upPlease note the picture of Smoky, the newest family member. Last month I forgot to explain the photo in my letter to you, but I guess you figured out that of all the things I like best in spring there are also kittens. Well, this/our kitten is on the way to become a monster. Smoky is growing at a rate that can almost be observed with the naked eye. His favourite food is ham - handfed -, and lately he added cooked chicken, shrimp and nearly raw chicken liver to his menu. Kibbles, as in Meow Mix, is only used as a snack and to play with when bored, or to annoy his mentor, 5-year-old Duke Marmaduke II, who endures the endless antics of the newcomer with amazing grace, for which I am very grateful. Smoky is also incredibly quick and should actually be renamed Flash. Often I only see a moving streak in the hall passing by. Perhaps he is training for the FIFA World Cup of Soccer for cats?

Hope you enjoy Fussball with good friends at home or in your favourite Restaurant or club. We will be there when the German team is playing!

And let dad enjoy his Fussball, especially on Fathers Day!

Until next time!,

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

P.S. Eberhard Kurt Walter is on vacation. He will return next month!


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