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May, 2006 - Nr. 5


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Advocacy Group Stands Against Psychiatric Drugging Of Children
At APA Annual Convention

  With banners flying and black balloons waiving in the air, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) 400 protesters rallied in front of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre where the American Psychiatric Association (APA) is holding its annual convention.

With placards stating, "Stop Psychiatric Drugging of Children Now!" and "Psychiatric Labels Don’t Peel Off", they marched and chanted to such slogans as, "Hey, Hey, APA, How many kids did you drug today?"

The CCHR’s Canadian Executive Director, Hilary Hurry stated that psychiatric abuse of children is not limited to the United States and that Canada has its own history of such human rights violations.

Joining this protest, Rod Vienneau, Director of the Commission for Victims of Crimes against Humanity and an advocate for the Duplessis Orphans, spoke out against the APA who had labelled the Orphans mentally insane and subjected them to horrific abuse and psychiatric experimentations.

He was joined by his wife, Clarina Duguay, a Duplessis Orphan survivor herself, who as a child, suffered enforced dosages of experimental psychiatric drugs later referred to as "a pharmacological substitute for lobotomy".

Mr. Zubair Choudhry, Chairman of the South Asians Regional Council of Canada emphasized that these types of abuses continue to this present day. He referred to the recent exposure by CBC�s The National about the horrific abuses of J, a little boy who was put on debilitating doses of unneeded psychiatric drugs while in the "care" of the Durham CAS as only one example of what is happening in our mental health system.

Worldwide, there are nearly 20 million children on highly addictive, mind altering psychiatric drugs that government agencies warn can cause violent behaviour and even suicide.

CCHR, a psychiatric watchdog organization, established by the Church of Scientology in 1969 to investigate and expose psychiatric abuses, adds that psychiatrists have created a multi billion-dollar child drugging market that puts profit above children’s lives. They claim that psychiatrists fraudulently promote childhood behaviours as "diseases" or "illnesses" requiring the administration of powerful, mind-altering drugs despite the lack of any blood test, brain scan or test to prove that any of these mental "disorders" are, in actuality, medical conditions that can be treated with drugs.

CCHR is urging that an investigation by the proper authorities be launched with the purpose of bringing an end to these atrocities against children - our future society.


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