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May, 2006 - Nr. 5


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Canadian Delegation Must Be Recalled After Environment Minister Instructs Officials to Derail Kyoto, Brison

  Ottawa - Environment Minister Rona Ambrose must recall Canada’s delegation from Bonn after revelations of her deliberate efforts to undermine the Kyoto Protocol by instructing her officials to block any consensus from moving forward on its next phase, said Liberal Environment Critic Scott Brison.

"Not only should Canada's delegation be recalled, Ms. Ambrose must resign her position as chair at Conference of the Parties (COP) because of her covert attempts to sabotage the development of a binding international consensus on global warming," said Mr. Brison.

"This is not only outrageous, it is dangerously duplicitous. Ms. Ambrose’s actions risk irreparably damaging Canada’s reputation at the United Nations and will compromise any progress at COP," he added.

According to the Globe and Mail, Ms. Ambrose has not only betrayed the responsibilities entrusted to her by Canadians and the international community, but she may have also breeched International Convention by instructing Canada's delegation in Bonn to contravene aspects of the Kyoto Protocol which are now international law.

In a private directive to Canadian negotiators obtained by the Globe, Ms. Ambrose instructs her delegation that Canada no longer "support[s] a continuation of the status quo beyond 2012" and wants a new agreement that "must include the USA and all major developing country emitters and allow for different types of commitments based on national circumstances." In effect, Ms. Ambrose now wants Canada to gut Kyoto’s legally-binding targets in favour of the current U.S. Administration’s position of voluntary, non-binding targets.

This shocking revelation follows on the heels of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's announcement that Canada plans to further turn its back on its international obligations under Kyoto by signing on to the Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate (AP6) – a plan with no fixed emission targets or mandatory commitments. This confirms Mr. Harper's preference to follow a weak U.S.-led plan to ship clean technology overseas instead of reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in Canada.

"From gutting federal climate change programs, to repeating defeatist and absurd rhetoric fashioned by American pollsters, to misrepresenting the protocol itself, this government is applying Bush's well-worn anti-Kyoto tactics. And now, by extending these tactics in an effort to derail the process from within, Ms. Ambrose even appears to be pushing the U.S. agenda at Bonn," added Brison.

This week Canada will miss its second deadline to put forward a plan to meet Kyoto. Mr. Brison noted that it has now become blatantly clear that any opportunity Canada had to continue to be an international leader in the critical fight against global warming has been squandered by Ms. Ambrose’s actions.


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