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July, 2006 - Nr. 7


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Close – but no cigar

  That was the unfortunate outcome of the soccer game between Germany and Italy. Over 200 people had gathered at the German Canadian Club Hansa, to cheer on the ‘home team’.

Soccer crowd at the Hansa Haus during halftime

It was a very exciting game. "That is how soccer should be played", said a soccer fan at our table. He also commended on the strength of the Italian defence and the uncanny precision of their shots. "Almost every time they pass it is to one of their own, and they hardly ever seem to loose ball possession" was another comment. Personally I have never seen so many – apparently mortally wounded – players get up after a few seconds to resume playing as if nothing had happened. Of course there were quite a few "boo’s from the soccer-cognoscenti in the audience, as were a lot of cheers for the strong plays of the German team. They played very strong and very fair were the consensus. The regular match ended 0:0 and was extended by additional time.

Disaster struck at the end of the second time extension when the Italian team scored the first goal and – before the fantastic German goalie could regain his composure - another lucky shot hit the net. That only within seconds of the first one. It seemed as if the German team had thought the game over allowed the ball to fall back into the hands – or better feet – of the opposing team.

They shouldn’t have lost. They are an excellent team with a fantastic goalkeeper and a lot of intestinal fortitude.

After the game

Proudly Canadian, proudly GermanI watched the crowd when the game was over and they slowly exited the hall – and a number of them had tears in their eyes. This is how serious some soccer fans take the game – or is it still some national pride? I can understand their grief and disappointment. But like they said, it was close – but no cigars.

Dick Altermann


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