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August, 2006 - Nr. 8


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New Album Harnesses Raw Talent with Lyrics Written From the Trenches

Award-Winning Artist Focuses On Inspiring Audiences Over Achieving Celebrity

In the spirit of the myriad ‘60s artists whose originality transformed the meaning of music in that era of genius, singer and songwriter Matt Brouwer combines lyrics borne of deep life experience with true talent in his second album, "Unlearning" (Black Shoe Independent Records). In it, he breaks from the disposableness of music in this era to achieve his objective of leaving an indelible impression upon the listener.

Brouwer’s earlier single gained national recognition on the CCM AC Billboard Chart virtually on its own without any distribution or marketing. It rose to the #1 position on the highly acclaimed 89.3 CCM AC station in Houston Texas, where it remained on the top ten for over 30 weeks. His earlier album garnered two Vibe Awards (Canadian People’s Choice Award) and was nominated for a Juno Award for best gospel album and produced two top 10 singles.

In his latest release, "Unlearning," Brouwer instantly achieves his goal to create music that positively impacts culture through lyrics that resonate with the listener. "I want to expose some of the lies we grow up believing in western culture. My latest record is about ‘unlearning’ selfish and individualistic thinking and instead looking at those around us who have needs. To me, a true artist is someone who at the very least, has spent time in the trenches making an effort to serve and get their hands dirty."

In an industry where labels choose artists based on sales and "bankability" as a performer, Brouwer’s latest release breaks from the mold to explore with disarming honesty themes ranging from loneliness, the importance of family, the search for home, consumerism and how hard times bring people together and to God. With an artistic style that has already proven to resonate broadly, Brouwer’s "Unlearning" will become a favorite among collectors.

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About the artist:

Matthew (Paul) Brouwer grew up in the eastern Canadian town of Truro, Nova Scotia, he is the sixth of seven kids born and raised on a dairy farm. When he was three years old, his father was killed in a car accident, leaving the family to run the farm. In college, Brouwer began getting serious about music and he started a weekly gathering with a few friends. What started out on Monday nights with just 20 people soon grew to hundreds. This led to his first band and the resulting album, Imagerical, which gathered national attention and quickly made new fans across North America. The album received two Vibe Awards (Canadian Peoples’ Choice Award), was nominated for a Juno Award for best gospel album and produced two top 10 singles.


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